Congressman: ‘Build The Wall, I Know Who Can Pay The Bill’ – It’s NOT Taxpayers

Congressman: ‘Build The Wall, I Know Who Can Pay The Bill’ – It’s NOT Taxpayers

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has an idea of who can pay for the southern border wall and it won’t have to be the Mexican government OR the American taxpayers.

Whom does that leave with the bill? According to Sensenbrenner, the drug cartels.


From Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump’s wall, the secure barrier on the U.S. southern border, will be built. The enduring question is how to pay for it.

GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin introduced a bill Wednesday proposing the use of seized funds from Mexican drug cartels to fund the border wall, according to Newsmax.

The BUILD WALL Act (an acronym for Build Up Illegal Line Defenses With Assets Lawfully Lifted) proposes increased forfeitures and a restructured allocation of funds already seized by the U.S.

The money is certainly there, although it would take time to structure an apportionment for the wall. In 2016, the Justice Department seized $1.7 billion from all illegal sources, including drug cartels. Currently, seized funds are earmarked for law enforcement budgets, according to The Washington Times.

“If we do nothing, we put the people of this nation at risk, as well as allow illegal immigrants to take away jobs, opportunities and social funding from U.S. citizens — all at the expense of the American taxpayer,” Sensenbrenner said in a statement. “The BUILD WALL Act is a creative solution to a complex problem.”

The problem certainly is complex. A Department of Homeland Security report sent to the White House last week estimated that the wall will cost $21.6 billion and over three years to build, according to Reuters.

Hopefully this passes and we can begin to get to work making America safe again with the generous donations from drug lords.

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