Denver Officials Are Pretty Upset That ICE Detains Illegals In “Sensitive Areas”

Denver Officials Are Pretty Upset That ICE Detains Illegals In “Sensitive Areas”

According to the their talking points, police should never arrest criminals near schools and courthouses

Denver Officials Want ICE Agents to Back Off Arresting Illegal Immigrants at ‘Sensitive Locations’

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock — along with 18 officials from the Colorado city, local school system, and surrounding county — sent a letter to the field director of ICE in nearby Centennial on Thursday, demanding that the federal immigration enforcement agency not conduct operations at “sensitive” areas, such as schools and courtrooms.

The CBS affiliate in Denver detailed the circumstances surrounding the letter on Thursday. The mayor, who considers Denver an unofficial “sanctuary city,” cited an “ICE enforcement action at a residence directly adjacent” to Colorado High School Charter on March 14, 2017. The school is apparently “located in a Denver neighborhood that serves a large immigrant population.”

In reality, this occurred blocks away from the school. Of course, the Denver officials are upset that any arrest of an illegal alien criminal would occur anywhere near this neighborhood of illegal aliens. ICE, for its part, would think this is great. More on that later.

As far as courtrooms go, those are not part of ICE’s sensitive locations policy, and, really, where better to detain an illegal than at the place where their crimes are being adjudicated and where there will be little chance that the illegal is carry any weapons?

The letter also pointed out how “video taken during the incident shows ICE agents wearing black uniforms with the word ‘POLICE’ in large white block letters. The word ‘ICE’ was much smaller and below the word ‘POLICE.’” The officials claimed that “these types of uniforms lead to confusion and fear within our community as many mistakenly assume that our local police are involved in immigration enforcement actions.”

Mayor Hancock then underlined that “our local police rely on information and cooperation from our immigrant community to protect the entire city. Identifying yourselves as ‘police’ confuses and erodes the trust between our local police and the immigrant community endangering the community at large.”

Shouldn’t police be involved in stopping crime? Shouldn’t criminals look at police and go “oh, crap!” and be scared? Well, except in sanctuary cities, where they’ve decided on this new talking point of whining about ICE law enforcement members wearing “police” on their uniforms.

One has to wonder: are the mayor and officials cool with police not enforcing gun laws and sexual assault laws at schools?

What has all this “fear” being stoked done?


Arrests at the United States’ southern Border have reached their lowest point in 17 years, according to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Fewer than 17,000 illegal aliens were caught attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border last month, compared to more than 58,000 in December, 2016, and 48,150 in March of last year. Contributing to this improvement is a steep decline of Unaccompanied Alien Minors (UAMs) attempting to enter the country. Fewer than 1,000 UAMs were apprehended, compared to 4,209 in March of 2016.

The presumed drop in attempted illegal crossings is “no mistake,” according to Secretary Kelly. In a written testimony submitted to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, he lauded “successful efforts” by border agents and “the support of our leadership in the White House” as primary factors.

Ever since announcing his candidacy, President Trump has spoken strongly in favor of enforcing existing immigration laws. This rhetoric appears to be giving potential illegal aliens second thoughts about trying to enter the United States – at least until they see what policies the administration ends up implementing and/or enforcing.

And you know who is helping with all this? Democrats and their compatriots in the media, who are constantly broadcasting these actions against illegals and yammering about how fearful they are, making them even more fearful, and causing those who think about coming illegally to rethink that action.

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