Good News: Interior Deportations Under Trump Are Surging

Good News: Interior Deportations Under Trump Are Surging

We can call this the Trump Effect On Illegal Immigration. Deportations from those caught crossing the border have declined, as fewer attempt to cross the U.S.-Mexico border because of the harsh measures Team Trump has implemented (meaning they are enforcing the laws on the books), which includes catching and deporting illegals already in the country

(Washington Post) Deportations from the interior of the United States are rising under President Trump as the administration expands enforcement from the U.S.-Mexico border and into immigrant communities deeper inside the country.

From Jan. 22 to Sept. 9, officials deported nearly 54,000 immigrants from the interior, a 34 percent increase over the same period last year, and said that they expect the numbers to climb.

That is excellent news, and highlights President Trump giving ICE the green light to do the job they are told to do by duly passed federal laws, rather than restricting them, as we saw under Obama. And it helps to have someone directing ICE, Thomas Homan, who is happy to do the job.

The article then deflects into California declaring itself a sanctuary state, which writer Maria Sacchetti thinks is some sort of major blow, failing to realize that ICE will simply arrest illegals in the streets, and, really, wherever they want, regardless of whether California law enforcement and prison services have been directed to not help. And the article discusses some other things illegal immigration. It’s like Maria either had to fill the story out or just wanted to throw the whole sink in. Then we get to the part about Obama deporting upwards of 200,000 interior illegals per year from 2008-2011, before Obama decided to cut this as much as possible, directing ICE to not do their jobs in full, and empowering sanctuary cities to resist.

Trump’s critics say immigration agents are portraying hard-working immigrants as criminals and destabilizing their communities, making immigrants afraid to report crimes or even venture outside.

They are criminals, as they are unlawfully present, and they should actually have communities in the U.S. to start with.

Although the Trump administration’s chief goal is to deport criminals, it is still expelling significant numbers of people who never committed any crimes. From January to Sept. 9, ICE deported a total of 142,818 immigrants from the border and the U.S. interior, including 83,254 people who were criminals and 59,564 who were not.

They’re all criminals. Interestingly, Maria ends with this little stat

Federal records show that 92 percent of the 97,482 immigrants arrested this year for deportation have been convicted of a crime, have charges pending, were immigration fugitives or had been previously deported.

Huh. And none should be in the United States to start with.

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