Head Of Border Patrol Council Tells Congress Border Is Essentially Open To Mexico

by William Teach | April 11, 2016 7:38 am

You thought the border was pretty bad, did you? You thought Obama’s illegal alien executive orders were bad, did you? You probably did not think they were this bad

(Washington Times[1]) Border Patrol agents have been ordered to release dripping-wet illegal immigrants at the Rio Grande unless they actually see them climbing out of the river, creating what amounts to “an open border with Mexico,” the chief of the agents’ labor union told Congress in new testimony last week.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told the House Judiciary Committee that agents were given the orders verbally soon after President Obama laid out plans for limiting immigration enforcement in 2014.

“We have apprehended illegal aliens just north of the border who are still soaking wet from crossing the river. If they claim, as increasingly they are doing, that they have been here since January 1, 2014, we will process and then release them,” Mr. Judd said in written testimony following up on questions from a hearing earlier this year.

“They are still wet from the river and miles from any civilization and on their word alone we release them unless we physically saw them cross the river,” he said. “This policy de facto creates an open border with Mexico for any illegal alien who wants to claim that they were here before 2014.”

The January 1, 2014 date comes from Obama’s executive orders regarding illegal aliens, designed to give a de-facto extra-legal amnesty, and the illegals have learned to game the system. In a sane world, these illegals would be trotted back to the border and sent across immediately. Instead, not only are they not being held for deportation hearings, they are simply being let go if a simple fingerprinting and background check shows no criminal issues.

It matters not a bit whether the illegal is a good person who will work hard and just wants a better life. The very fact is that they are here illegally, will be a drain on our systems, and should have done it the legal way by applying for either a work visa or citizenship. Instead, they will agitate and demand to be legalized, all while demanding that US citizens speak their language, give them stuff, and calling illegal alien opponents bigots, racists, and other nasty things. Then you have those who steal guns and shoot citizens. And drag race and kill citizens. Burglarize them. Steal their identities. Cause misery for citizens.

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