ICE Agents Arrive in NYC – Round Up Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

ICE Agents Arrive in NYC – Round Up Illegal Aliens [VIDEO]

President Trump is keeping his word and the rounding up of illegal aliens has once again resumed after years of dereliction of duty and the utter defiance of standing immigration law. Criminal illegal aliens and those who do not have the proper paperwork are being taken into custody and put in the pipeline for deportation. The media and the left are besides themselves in their outrage over this. They are continually using the fact that many have families here and making it sound cruel and heartless. If it were up to me, their families would be deported with each of them. That would be the ‘kind’ thing to do. New York over the last few days has seen ICE detain a number of illegal aliens.

New York City is not alone in their ‘personal touch’ from ICE. Over 160 illegal aliens were just rounded up in Los Angeles. 150 of those are criminal illegal aliens. Phoenix deported a mother, who is now 36, that has lived here in the US since she was 14. Her husband is an illegal alien and she has two anchor babies. She was convicted of identity theft and ICE detained her when she checked in. She was taken back to Mexico this weekend. Again, her husband and children should have been sent with her. This is just the beginning as President Trump begins the long, arduous process of deporting millions of illegal aliens and building a wall on our southern border with Mexico. They now say the wall will take three years and cost over $21 billion dollars. President Trump claims he can bring that cost way down.


From the Observer:

Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy group, told the media this evening that Immigration and Customs Enforcement sweeps on Staten Island netted five Mexican nationals in the past week and a half—coinciding with similar actions across the nation.

The raids took place on February 2, February 3, February 5 and February 8, according to speakers on the press call. All five individuals taken by ICE officers were male, and four of them have children who are U.S. citizens, the group reported.

Make the Road believes several of the men are now in New Jersey detention centers.

“What we’ve seen is that the incidents in Staten Island are consistent with what we’ve seen with the surge of ICE activity in the last week,” Theo Oshiro, deputy director of Make the Road New York said.

Immigration authorities arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least six states in raids this past week, pursuant to an executive order Trump signed last month.

That fiat expanded the category of immigrants lacking proper paperwork that federal authorities would target for arrest and expulsion. Rather than focusing, as President Barack Obama did, on individuals with violent criminal convictions, ICE now has a mandate to nab undocumented immigrants if they have ever been accused of any crime, even “where such charge has not been resolved.”

I have no sympathy for these people. All by definition are criminals since they did not come here legally. Most have had years to start the process of becoming citizens and haven’t bothered to do so. If we are not a nation of laws, we are nothing. Trump is now getting ready to cut off federal funding to sanctuary campuses, cities and states. A number of states are now cutting off state funding of sanctuary campuses and cities who are defying the rule of law. This is going to get intense, but it must be done if America is to survive.

Just listen to the bleeding heart media here – it just makes your blood boil:

Carlos Vargas, a member of Make the Road New York’s legal services team, said that in one case, two plainclothes officers approached a “hardworking” father at 5:30 a.m., showed him a few pictures of people for whom they were looking and subsequently arrested and detained him.

In another case, ICE agents showed a family more than 10 pictures of people for whom they were looking and left when they did not identify the individual. They subsequently came back 20 minutes later and detained one of them.

Oh, put a sock in it already. ICE is not targeting families. They are doing their job. If you are an illegal alien, I would suggest you get legal or self-deport. Trump said that he would deport or incarcerate up to three million undocumented immigrants who he says are “criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers,” stating that the country has “a lot of these people.” We do. Experts estimate his executive order could impact as many as eight million people, more than two-thirds of foreign nationals who entered or who have remained in the United States without authorization. Good. In fact, I hope it impacts a hell of a lot more than that. My advice to President Trump and ICE… faster, faster pussycat.

Protestors Rally At ICE Detention Center In New York

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