Illegal Alien Child Rapist RUNS From The Law…Then A Miracle Happens! [VIDEO]

Illegal Alien Child Rapist RUNS From The Law…Then A Miracle Happens! [VIDEO]

Divine intervention… ya gotta love it. A 19 year-old illegal alien raped a girl in Maryland and then fled the scene. He boarded a plane for Guatemala and would have gotten away, except a storm delayed the flight in Atlanta, Georgia. Just long enough for authorities to nail this dirtbag and drag his bum back to Maryland to be charged with six counts of rape, sex offense and assault. Who says God isn’t paying attention?

Sergio Morales Soto was arrested on the plane he thought would be taking him to freedom. ICE officials confirmed that Soto was in the country illegally and resided in Delaware. I suggest Delaware review their immigration policies. This all happened back on April 5th during a spat of vicious storms that lashed Georgia. Following his arrest, Soto was transported back to Caroline County, Maryland.

From TheBlaze:

An illegal alien was caught trying to escape child rape charges when a flight delay allowed authorities to catch up to him and arrest him. The nineteen-year-old was trying to fly to Guatemala from Atlanta when storms prevented him from leaving.

From the Daily Mail:

Sergio Morales Soto was apprehended by federal agents while trying to flee the United States on April 5, a day after he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Marydel, Maryland.

Soto was arrested on the plane at the Atlanta airport and sent back to Maryland to face charges of first and second degree rape, sex offense of the first, second and third degree and second degree assault.

Authorities were alerted that Soto was trying to flee but they would not have been able to catch him had a storm [not] grounded him at Atlanta. Soto had flown from Baltimore, Maryland, and was to take a layover at Atlanta before flying on to Guatemala.

The police started investigating Soto back on April 4th after they received a report that he sexually assaulted an underage girl. Then a warrant was issued for Soto’s arrest and law enforcement launched a manhunt involving the US Department of Homeland Security, which helped track down the fugitive less than 24 hours later. The Feds learned from police in Atlanta that Soto had boarded a flight at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in the very early hours of that day. He then landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a connecting flight to Guatemala.

Due to the severe storms sweeping the area, Soto’s connecting flight was delayed thank goodness. This allowed DHS agents to catch up with him and take him into custody. Soto was put on another flight, this time in handcuffs and chains. Then they went back to Maryland. ICE has a detainer waiting for this guy. After he serves a lengthy sentence, they can then kick his ass out of the US, hopefully forever. Good job guys.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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