Illegal Alien Rapes Girl in Ditch as Border Apprehensions Skyrocket [VIDEO]

Illegal Alien Rapes Girl in Ditch as Border Apprehensions Skyrocket [VIDEO]

On Halloween night in Northern Virginia, a young woman’s horrific nightmare really did come true. An illegal alien forced her car off the road with his SUV. He then dragged her out of her vehicle into a ditch and raped her for hours. He left his shirt behind with her when he took off. The victim was finally able to call for help. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Three days later, Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian was arrested at the construction site that he works at in North Carolina. Authorities ascertained that he was an illegal alien with no documentation and no ID. They did not disclose what country he is from. He was charged with rape and aggravated sexual battery, police said, and is being held in North Carolina on $100,000 bond and an immigration detainer.



On Halloween night, somewhere between 2:15 and 3 a.m., 26-year-old Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian crashed into a young woman’s car with his SUV on a dark Northern Virginia highway. Rather than call for help, Sibrian proceeded to haul the young woman from her car, drag her into a nearby ditch and rape her for two hours.

When he was done, Sibrian fled the scene, leaving behind both his shirt and his victim in the ditch. Battered and bruised, the woman was finally able to call for help.

Authorities arrested Sibrian three days later at the construction site in North Carolina where he worked and charged him with rape and sexual battery. The rapist, whose nationality wasn’t specified in local reports, was quickly identified as an illegal alien. He didn’t have a permanent address, but authorities said he’d been living in Fredericksburg, just over an hour’s drive from Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Washington, D.C.

According to MRCTV: “The first month of FY2017 set a 13-month high for border apprehensions. In October alone, Customs and Border Protection reported they apprehended 46,197 illegal aliens crossing into the United States unlawfully via the Southwest US border, including 13,124 members of family units and another 6,754 unaccompanied children. Apprehensions in October were up by nearly 6,000 individuals from the heaviest month in FY2016, when 40,337 illegal aliens were caught back in May. In fact, the number of family unit members apprehended in the first month of FY2017 is already 118 percent higher than those who were caught in October of last year. The problem is getting progressively worse and no one is stopping this.”

This is one of the major reasons that Donald Trump was elected president. Americans want the illegal alien problem handled and the invasion to stop. They are tired of seeing victims like this young woman fall prey to predators who come here to commit unspeakable crimes. Trump has promised to immediately start deporting approximately 3 million criminal illegal aliens. The sooner the better… we need to stop the nightmare for this young woman and the rest of America.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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