Jimmy Carter Comes Out Swinging To Defend Trump On DACA – Praises Decision

Jimmy Carter Comes Out Swinging To Defend Trump On DACA – Praises Decision

Former peanut farmer and President, Jimmy Carter, has come out in support of Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Carter praised the current President for not throwing out Obama’s DACA immigration policy all at once, telling a town hall event at Emory University that Trump deserves credit.

“To give Trump some due, he hasn’t ended DACA yet. What’s he’s said is he has given Congress six months to address the issue, which is long overdue.”

Emory University is in Atlanta, Georgia, where Carter was State Governor before he made it to the Oval Office. 

Carter said that to get rid of DACA will be very, “very difficult” because “when [Obama] had a Democratic House and Senate, he didn’t do it.”

Further explaining himself, Carter clarified that he was praising the delay in removing DACA, not necessarily removing DACA.

“I think the pressure and the publicity that Trump has brought to the immigration issue may have stimulated both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate to be more accommodating in this longstanding argument.”

Carter went on to recommend that Trump should “promote human rights, to keep our country at peace, and to tell the truth,” saying that he wanted America to once again “become the foremost champion of human rights on earth.” Sorry Jimmy, but Trump was elected on the immigration and economic issues, not the human rights issues, so I don’t think he’ll be taking you up on those words anytime soon.

In 2013, we wrote that Carter acknowledged that Obama’s presidency was going to be a failure, saying that: “[Obama’s] major accomplishment was Obamacare, and the implementation of it now is questionable at best.”

In 2015, Carter announced that he was given a cancer diagnosis. He was found to have the skin cancer melanoma, that was first found in his liver and then his brain and removed through surgery and radiation. In 2017, he announced that he was cancer-free and was undergoing regular scans to make sure he stayed that way.

Last year, Carter came out preferring Trump to Cruz during the Republican primaries. He said that Trump was “completely malleable” and that he doesn’t have any fixed positions. Cruz, on the other hand, is rigidly conservative and would pursue “far right-wing policies” if he had gotten into the White House.

Considering Trump’s been working with Pelosi and Schumer because the GOP refuses to help get his policies passed, I can’t say that Carter is off the mark here.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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