KARMA: Tulsa Restaurant FIRES Employees Who Ditched Work To Protest With ‘A Day Without Immigrants’…

KARMA: Tulsa Restaurant FIRES Employees Who Ditched Work To Protest With ‘A Day Without Immigrants’…

That’s Oklahoma for you… it’s one of the reasons this is such a great state. A dozen immigrants at a local restaurant decided to take off for “A Day Without Immigrants.” There was a special something waiting for them when they returned to work… pink slips. They were summarily fired because they no showed/no called in for work and the owner doesn’t tolerate that. Good for him.

This wasn’t discrimination… it’s business and these workers knew the policy when they pulled this stunt. Frankly, I didn’t even know about the boycott last Thursday. I’d say their protest was a huge bust and it didn’t get President Trump’s attention in the least. Perhaps they will be more mindful in their next jobs, unless of course they are illegal aliens… in which case I suggest they get legal or get out.


From Liberty Unyielding:

As noted in these pages, Thursday was a day of solidarity for immigrant workers across the nation, who were urged to walk off the job en masse. This “Day Without Immigrants” was supposed to make a powerful statement about how indispensable immigrants are to our nation. But one Tulsa restaurant made a powerful statement of its own by making the “Day Without Immigrants” a permanent condition in the lives of twelve [of] its employees, who received pink slips when they returned to work Friday.

According to ABC affiliate KTUL, the workers who chose to participate in the walkout are all Hispanic and are now claiming that they were unfairly terminated. But the eatery’s owner, Bill McNally, explained to reporters that he has a “zero tolerance policy for no show/no call incidents and the 12 employees violated that policy.” He added that he has fired other workers [for] the same violation over the past two years, which should have been fair warning to the hapless dozen who — it is now hoped — came away with a valuable lesson about setting priorities.

These workers only speak Spanish. I wouldn’t hire them just for that reason alone. They claim they felt a duty to stand up for immigrants living and working in the US. “That was their way to show they are needed in the community,” said a friend who translated. Perhaps they can make their statement in the unemployment line. Just sayin’.

All of the employees who ditched work received notice of their termination via text message. A message to one of the employees reads: “You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off and you can enjoy many more. Love you.” Ouch. But I can’t say I blame the guy… at all. In an epic piece of irony, the restaurant’s name is: “I Don’t Care” Bar and Grill. Too funny.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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