Mexico Warns Citizens In United States Illegally To Take Precautions

Mexico Warns Citizens In United States Illegally To Take Precautions


This is actually a good thing. Sadly, the entire story, which I have saved in Pocket, has utterly changed without any footnotes or explanation, barely touching on what appeared in the original. Here’s from the rewrite

(CNN) Earlier Friday, Mexico warned its citizens living in the United States to “take precautions” and remain in contact with consular officials, following the deportation of an undocumented mother while she was on a routine check-in with US immigration authorities.

From the original

Mexico warned its citizens living in the United States on Friday to “take precautions” and remain in contact with consular officials a day after the deportation of an undocumented mother following a routine visit with US immigration authorities. (snip)

“The case involving Mrs. Garcia de Rayos illustrates a new reality for the Mexican community living in the United States, facing the most severe implementation of immigration control measures,” Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday.

Mexican consulates “have intensified their work of protecting fellow nationals, foreseeing more severe immigration measures to be implemented by the authorities of this country, and possible violations to constitutional precepts during such operations and problems with due process,” the statement said.

Warning illegals in this manner, which will surely be noticed by non-Mexican illegals at the same time, puts them on notice that they could be arrested and deported at any time, that no longer will the U.S. government turn a blind eye to people in the U.S. illegally. These warnings will help deter people from coming to the country illegally, along with those who overstay visas. It will also cause many to leave on their own. Which is exactly what is needed, even more than a wall. Create the conditions to deter illegal immigration.

And arresting them certainly helps, as well

(Washington Post) U.S. immigration authorities arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in at least a half-dozen states this week in a series of raids that marked the first large-scale enforcement of President Trump’s Jan. 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.

The raids, which officials said targeted known criminals, also netted some immigrants who did not have criminal records, an apparent departure from similar enforcement waves during the Obama administration that aimed to just corral and deport those who had committed crimes.

They’re here illegally, regardless of whether they have criminal records, and need to be deported quickly. This has obviously driven the pro-illegal crowd nuts, with all sorts of invective flowing, along with protests, blocking ICE vans (that’s a felony, blocking a law officer from doing their job), getting out in the streets. The fact that illegals hurt wages and take away vital service money from the poor citizens that the Democrats proport to represent.

But, they’re aiming their rage at the wrong president

(Fox News) Immigration arrests across Southern California over the past week were planned before President Trump took office and could be compared to similar operations the occurred last summer, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official said.

The Los Angeles Times reported that authorities arrested more than 160 people in the five-day sweep, most of whom have criminal histories.

So, blame Obama. Under Obama, though, the ones caught up would usually be let go. Under Trump? Not anymore. At least that we’re aware of.

And then there’s this

(Fox News) Several towns, cities and counties around the nation are caving to President Trump’s threat to pull funding, and abandoning their “sanctuary” pledges to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.

Dayton, Ohio, dropped a policy that restricted the city’s cooperation with immigration officials pursuing illegal immigrants arrested for misdemeanors or felony property crimes, according to the Dayton Daily News. Police Chief Richard Biehl said federal authorities will no longer be impeded by the city when pursuing illegal immigrants being held by his department.

Other communities that have dropped policies of shielding illegal immigrant suspects from Immigration and Customs Enforcement include Miami-Dade and Dayton, are Saratoga, N.Y., Finney County, Kan., and Bedford, Penn., according to The Center for Immigration Studies, which keeps a list of sanctuary communities.

It shouldn’t be necessary to resort to threats to get lower level U.S. governments to obey the law, however, this is what it has come to. And this shows further efforts to create the conditions where people will not come to our country illegally.

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