NY Times Seems Pretty Upset Over An Illegal Alien Felon Being Deported

NY Times Seems Pretty Upset Over An Illegal Alien Felon Being Deported


We learned yesterday that Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was finally arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during one of her check ins. Liberal supporters of illegal alien felons had fits, blocking roads and ICE vehicles, but, still

Well, the Editorial Board of the NY Times is having a snit fit

‘Bad Dude’? No, but Deported Anyway

By no standard of common sense or decency should Guadalupe García de Rayos have been a priority for deportation. Ms. Rayos, a 35-year-old mother of two, was arrested on Wednesday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Phoenix. On Thursday she was deported to Mexico, a country she left 21 years ago. Her devastated family, including her American-born children, remains in the United States.

She wasn’t a priority: this had been going on for years and years, till the system finally caught up with this felon. Martha Stewart wasn’t a bad dude, either, yet she spent time in a federal penitentiary. Same as many people who commit certain crimes that do not make them “bad dudes.”

President Trump persists in the absurd claim that America will be safe and great again only after an assault on “bad dudes” and “criminal aliens,” whom he has promised to arrest and remove by the millions.

But Ms. Rayos fits no such definition and was no threat, though she had been living in the United States illegally since she was 14. She had been known to the authorities since she was caught in a workplace raid in Phoenix in 2008. In the years since, she would check in regularly with immigration officials, who chose not to deport her, having more important things to do.

Nowhere does the screed mention she was a convicted felon, her crime being identity theft, which, while certainly not the same as felony assault, is not a victimless crime. There’s no telling the problems faced by the person(s) she stole the identity from.

Of course, Ms. Rayos is simply a vehicle for the NYTEB to bash Bush Trump

What was always most alarming about Mr. Trump’s posturing on immigration wasn’t the wall, which will never be built in the way he describes it. It is instead the prospect of ramped-up enforcement that promises to increase misery on both sides of the border. The criminalizing of law-abiding immigrants who have lived in the United States for years, and of the migrants from Central America who arrive desperate for refuge. The households sundered, the jobs lost, the brutal idiocy of it all.

She’s a convicted felon.

It is time to watch closely what Mr. Trump says, and what he and his administration do. Watch Mr. Sessions, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol, agencies with rogue officers who have abused immigrants and broken the law, and local law enforcement, like the Phoenix police, whose officers abetted ICE in subduing protesters who tried to block Ms. Rayos’s removal.

The horror! They all did their jobs! How rude!

But for countless innocent immigrant families, the hard question is what to do now. Advocates were mobilizing on Thursday night after reports of scores of immigration arrests across the country, from Southern California to Texas. Ms. Rayos’s lawyer, speaking to reporters on Thursday, said immigrants should realize that what happened to her could easily happen to them. He suggested they use great caution in dealing with ICE, and consider the possibility of seeking sanctuary in a church.

First, illegals should realize what can happen when they are in the country illegally and commit any crime, especially a felony. Second, the NYTEB is suggesting that they continue breaking the law by seeking sanctuary. They are advocating for lawlessness. Such is the state of the Liberal News.

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