Obama: We Need An “Undocumented Immigrant Awareness Day” In America’s Schools

by Scott McKay | October 23, 2015 9:57 am

Of course we do.[1]

Warning: This isn’t an article from The Onion. Obama’s Department of Education is proposing that schools spend a week celebrating illegal aliens, including an “undocumented immigrant awareness day.” Can “Celebrate Destruction of America Day” be far behind?

The document[2], which was released on Tuesday, also urges schools to provide welcoming environments for illegal alien students by hosting events such as “Undocumented Week.”

The guide also provides tips for schools and educators on how to support illegal alien youth who are in high school and college. It also provides information for non-citizens on how to access federal financial aid[.]

One hopes that’s a ruse to get the illegals to show themselves and be deported…but we know that’s not what’s going on, right?

The Left has proselytized for its various constituency groups in the schools for decades in order to create cultural shifts in their favor. It worked, for example, like a charm in the case of homosexuals – so much so that there is a generation who actually believe the government should be shutting down businesses in the wedding industry who refuses to participate in gay weddings.

Glorifying illegal aliens in the schools? What could that lead to?

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