Refugees To Receive These White Envelopes – What’s Inside? Will Make Your Head Spin…

Refugees To Receive These White Envelopes – What’s Inside? Will Make Your Head Spin…

A $778 million EU disaster fund has been set up in Greece. They are literally going to stuff cash in white envelopes and hand it to invading hordes of Islamists. I kid you not. The world has gone stark raving bonkers. This is also a bailout of charitable organizations which provide medicine, food and blankets to those in need. Where is this money coming from? Greece is beyond bankrupt and so is Europe. Just shaking my head. Despite European Union officials knowing the danger of giving taxpayers’ money to rent-free refugees, they’re giving it anyway and allowing them to spend it as they wish in order for them to “maintain their dignity.” They’ll use that money for terrorism you idiots. You are signing your own death warrants.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The world seems to have been going mad from unabashed political correctness and liberal tolerance.

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Migrants in Greece are going to be handed envelopes of cash through a $778 million E.U. disaster fund announced on Wednesday, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried — freeloading immigrants are literally being handed envelopes stuffed with cash.

Yep, the money will also be used for slavery, the drug trade and a whole host of other unsavory endeavors. The EU has also been asked by Greek authorities for around $525 million more to help shelter 100,000 migrants. This is how Europe dies… by its own hand. “The (European Commission) wants to learn the lessons from this crisis and prepare for the next one. We should not be caught off guard again whether we have a different or similar crisis that triggers humanitarian needs,” an EU official said. There won’t be a next crisis because there won’t be a Europe when they are through. Donald Trump has it right about the border and these countries should take note and seal their’s as well. The decision to distribute aid in the form of euros comes just days after Breitbart London reported that migrants in Greece, unhappy with conditions in their host nation, used a home-made battering ram in an attempt to force their way into neighboring Macedonia. Hear that? It’s the European death knell.

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