REVEALED: Here’s What 94 Percent of Illegals Arrested in Raid Have in Common [VIDEO]

REVEALED: Here’s What 94 Percent of Illegals Arrested in Raid Have in Common [VIDEO]

There were a whole bunch of ICE raids on illegal immigrants this weekend. ICE said it was routine, but it sure looks like they feel free once again to do their jobs under President Trump’s direction. And I’m sure that you will be shocked to know that a whopping 94% of those arrested are not just criminals for being illegal aliens, but are guilty of heinous crimes such as murder, rape, assault, drug dealing and pedophilia. 160 were rounded up in Los Angeles last week. 150 of those were criminals outside of being illegal aliens. What the hell are they walking around free for?

Liberals will go the sympathy route claiming that ICE is splitting up families. That’s true to a certain extent. For instance, the 36 year-old illegal alien mother arrested in Phoenix and then deported to Mexico over the weekend has a husband and two children. She is guilty of identity theft. And again, you’ll be surprised to find out her husband is an illegal alien as well. She’s been here since she was fourteen and never bothered to even try to become a citizen. Her children are anchor babies. They should have sent all of them back to Mexico together. I don’t know how anyone can be surprised by all this… Trump said over and over that the rule of law would be reinstated and it’s beginning.


From Young Conservatives:

When Democrats talk about illegal immigration, we hear stories about “separating families” and how distressing this may be “for the children.”

Here’s a protest against the ICE raids in California, which included blocking the 101 Freeway entrance.

But this disturbing report on the raids conducted by ICE in California brings clearer light to the question.

From Los Angeles CBS Local:

Of the 160 arrested, about 150 had criminal histories, while five more had either been previously deported or had “final orders of removal”. Many of those arrested had prior felony convictions for “serious or violent offenses” including child sex crimes and assault.

The arrestees – which were 95 percent male – included nationals from a dozen countries, according to ICE.

The protests in LA blocked a major freeway. Every one of them should have been arrested and their citizenship checked. Seriously. 95% of those arrested are male. Wonder how many belonged to gangs and had connections to drug cartels? Protesters are defending stone cold felons here… they are thugs and animals and do not belong here in America. I wouldn’t let the protesters or these liberals slow me down a bit if I were ICE. Actions have consequences.

A number of these people that are being arrested have been deported multiple times, just as Kate Steinle’s killer was. Over and over this has had tragic results. ICE has got a lot of work to do and now they are being allowed to do it. It won’t bring Kate back, but maybe it will stop the next Kate from being murdered. #JusticeForKateSteinle

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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