San Antonio Sues Texas In Order To Continue Violating Federal Law On Illegal Aliens

by William Teach | June 2, 2017 7:21 am


The headline, and others, are framed as San Antonio suing. It’d be easier, and less costly, to simply stop being a sanctuary city and comply with the law, but, hey, if San Antonio want to blow their budget on a silly lawsuit protecting criminals, so be it

(NBC News[2]) The city of San Antonio is suing the state of Texas and its governor to stop the state from implementing its new immigration enforcement law known as SB4.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund[3] filed the lawsuit[4] Thursday in federal district court in San Antonio on behalf of the city, three non-profit organizations and San Antonio City Council Member Rey A Saldaña.

MALDEF is arguing in the lawsuit that the law, signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last month, is unconstitutional on many fronts, threatens to unleash arbitrary and inconsistent law enforcement across the state and is discriminatory.

The lawsuit names the state, Abbott and Ken Paxton, Texas’ attorney general, as defendants.

For all their caterwauling and excuse making, this is all about arbitrarily protecting people who have chosen to violate federal law, and to make sure that cities can continue doing so.

The three non-profit groups also suing are La Union de Pueblo Entero[5], founded by civil rights leader César Chávez and based in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education[6] and Austin-based Workers Defense Project[7], which represents low-income workers.

Illegal immigration hurts low-income workers the most. The mayor of San Antonio is not on board with this

As the Express-News first reported[8], Mayor Ivy Taylor is now publicly opposing the lawsuit the City of San Antonio plans to file over the state’s new immigration law. Here’s a prepared statement her office just sent us:

“I believe it was premature for the majority of City Council to give direction for city staff to join in a lawsuit against the SB4 legislation. In this case, the prudent course would be to wait until a decision has been made on whether a special session will be called. Additionally, I believe that any decision to join this lawsuit should be made in coordination with other major Texas cities, which is why I have consulted with Mayors Adler (Austin), Turner (Houston) and Rawlings (Dallas). We should be certain that litigation is the measure of last resort and that the city is bearing its fair share of any legal burden. None of these conditions have been satisfied, which is why I continue to oppose City Council’s decision to join this lawsuit.”

But, the City Council joined in, apparently wanting to protect people who are unlawfully present in the United States over the legal citizens and residents.

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