Seattle Mayor to Spend Quarter $Million on Pro-Illegal Posturing

Seattle Mayor to Spend Quarter $Million on Pro-Illegal Posturing

Seattle’s fashionably gay Mayor Ed Murray has announced that he will spend $250,000 confiscated from American citizens on defending foreigners who are in the country illegally from the consequences of violating American law.

Regarding the specifics of how the money will be wasted:

Part of the city’s funding will be used to hold multiple community-education forums at Seattle Public Schools buildings and other venues, Murray said.

Organizations with legal expertise will offer information to [illegal] immigrant students and their relatives, he said.

The forums will cover topics such as the importance of power-of-attorney documents and who to call for help when someone is in danger of being detained by immigration authorities, the mayor said.

Furthermore, the city will provide immigrant-rights training and technical assistance to Seattle Public Schools teachers, counselors and administrators, he said.

And attorneys from the Northwest Immigrants Rights project will respond to calls from students and parents in danger of being detained.

Together, those efforts will be called the Family Unity Project and will eat up about half of the city’s $250,000, said Benton Strong, spokesman for the mayor.

As for the rest of it,

The city will spend some of its remaining funding on counseling and peer-support groups for middle and high school students from immigrant families, Murray said.

He specifically mentioned Muslim students…

Making a show of wasting taxpayer money in the name of assisting Muslim illegal aliens is the sort of posturing that you can build a political career on, out on the Left Coast. He might have gotten even more mileage out of the taxpayers’ money if he had specified transsexual Muslim illegal aliens.

Some of the remaining funding will also be used to make sure people of all ages can easily report incidents of hate speech and violence, the mayor said.

Thank you Mayor Murray, for helping the Hate Hoax List to flourish.

In case anyone doubts that the expenditure is a political gesture,

Additionally, the money will help the city host an immigrant rights and education event on Jan. 20, the day Trump is inaugurated president, Murray said.

Seattle is a sanctuary city that arrogantly flouts federal law. Time to cut off federal funding.

Murray spends other people’s money on moonbat gestures.

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