Texas Drops HAMMER On ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – They Now LOSE MORE Than Just Funding…

Texas Drops HAMMER On ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – They Now LOSE MORE Than Just Funding…

It took only 15 hours of debate for the Texas House of Representatives to pass a bill banning sanctuary cities in their state.

Despite heated debate from outnumbered Democrats, the vote came in just before 3 AM. This is, without a doubt, a bill that should be passed in every single state in America.

Despite President Donald Trump’s best attempts to convince states to work with federal immigration officials, some refuse to play ball. Many aren’t at all deterred by threats to withhold funding and are instead thumbing their nose at the government by allowing their pro-illegal alien policies to continue.

The bill, when passed, will allow the state to withhold funding from local governments of cities that refuse to give up their “sanctuary” status. While a few other Republican-run states have proposed similar legislation, Texas may be the first to actually charge police chiefs and officials who refuse to enforce immigration laws. Let’s be honest, if you’re in law enforcement and refuse to actually enforce the laws, you’re in the wrong profession anyway. Texas will help you reconsider your career choice.

The original form of the bill allowed police to inquire about a person’s federal immigration status (papers, please) only if a person was arrested. An amended version takes this even further, allowing officers to ask people to verify their immigration status during any detainment, including traffic stops.

Democrats and establishment Republicans opposed the bill, with the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops stating that they are “disappointed [the] House voted to allow police to inquire into legal status during detention rather than arrest.”

Right Wing News owner John Hawkins has recently released an amazing book called 101 Things All Young Americans Should Know, which can be purchased on Amazon. In it, he tells young people that you shouldn’t feel entitled to anything if you haven’t actually earned it. (A novel concept in a world that is telling you that everything you want is a “right.) This not only applies to young adults, but everyone in the world. In this case, I would highly encourage illegal aliens and their sympathizers take a good long read. You’re not entitled to live in the United States simply because it’s better than the dung heap you came from.

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