The Oncoming Amnesty Debacle

by Dave Blount | January 30, 2014 2:16 pm

The good news is that ObamaCare, NSA spying, and the authoritarian overreach of Obama’s imperial presidency have left such a bad taste in people’s mouths that the only way Republicans can fail to hold the House and take the Senate in 2014, thereby putting themselves in a position to at least prevent Obama from inflicting more major damage, is if they do something staggeringly stupid. The bad news is that they plan to do just that.

The GOP’s amnesty plans will not only distort America’s demographics so as to give Democrats a lock on future national elections, but will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this year’s congressional races by enraging the conservative base.

But Johnny Boehner et al. just can’t help themselves. Amnesty is a win–win for both Democrats and unprincipled, irresponsible Republicans. Today, Republicans’ Chamber of Crony Capitalist Commerce friends get unskilled but dirt cheap labor. Tomorrow, Democrats get a massive welfare-dependent voting bloc.

Politicians tell us amnesty will help the economy. Actually, as Daniel Greenfield explains, it will have the opposite effect:

The states with the highest illegal alien populations also tend to have the highest unemployment rates and the highest poverty rates. That welfare triangle is dragging down formerly booming states into the economic gutter. Legalizing illegal aliens won’t change that. Instead it will push those states even closer to the drain as legalized illegal aliens lose their illegal jobs and are replaced with new illegal aliens.

Here’s why it would work out that way:

[I]mmigrant minorities are more likely to hold jobs than domestic minorities.

Pro-amnesty politicians use that to prove that immigrants are more likely to “contribute” to the economy than the native population.

The dirty little secret however is in the details.

To quote the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “The unemployment rates for foreign-born blacks, Asians, and Hispanics were lower than for their native-born counterparts, while the rates for foreign-born and native-born whites were little different.”

Talk to anyone who employs illegal aliens and that discrepancy between foreign-born minorities and native-born minorities stops being a mystery. They prefer first generation minority immigrants to second generation immigrants because they consider them more obedient, docile and responsible.

Like a man who keeps divorcing and remarrying every few years, they constantly want fresh immigrants, but they don’t want to hire their American-born children. And so the social welfare system becomes a dumping ground for the children of cheap labor immigrants and the businesses head somewhere else to escape the taxes voted in by that second generation leaving behind bankruptcy, crime and despair.

Not to mention fertile soil in which our public schools can sow the evil seeds of multiculturalism, racial grievance, socialism, entitlement mentality, et cetera.

American immigration has been ingeniously designed to bring in immigrants who are less likely to be employed than the white native population in either the first generation or the second generation so that the first generation provides cheap labor while the second generation provides cheap votes.

Pro-amnesty politicians and business lobbies talk about investing in our future with an illegal alien amnesty, but what they really want is a first generation of cheap labor for disposable service and manufacturing industries whose employees will be so poorly paid that they will contribute little if anything in taxes and whose children will be more likely to be unemployed than their parents.

Obviously this problem will be greatly exacerbated when amnesty makes it official that our borders and our immigration laws are no longer to be taken seriously.

To deliberately inflict this on the country would be treason. That isn’t a liability to Democrats, whose base couldn’t care less. But it will make Republicans toxic to their own base.

We don’t have to wait until the children of the hordes of Third Worlders amnesty would cause to flood the country are old enough to vote. We can start enjoying our single-party Democrat future after this fall’s elections, courtesy of every checkered-pants–wearing RINO who favors amnesty. It will be like Detroit, except in Spanish.

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