There’s Only ONE Republican Who Voted Against Kate’s Law – Wait Until You See Who

by Margaret M. | June 30, 2017 10:36 am


Kate Steinle was a San Francisco woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant named Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who, despite multiple deportations, was still allowed back into America. She was shot by a stray bullet discharged on July 1, 2015 while out for a walk with her father and now almost two years after her death, she will be immortalized in Kate’s Law.

As reported by Fox News[4], two bills dealing with immigrants were passed:

One bill passed by the House would deny federal grants to sanctuary cities and another, Kate’s Law, would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States.

Kate’s Law, which would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States and caught, passed with a vote of 257 to 157, with one Republican voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes.

Wait — one Republican?

Turns out Rep. Justin Amash wasn’t a fan.

As reported by Breitbart[6]:

The Michigan lawmaker also voted against H.R. 3003, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, a bill that would defund cities that prevent their police from turning over illegal aliens to federal authorities.

Rep. Amash explained his opposition to both Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, citing that they would violate the Constitution in a tweet. He did not elaborate how exactly these bills violate the Constitution.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to write up Amash for snubbing the rest of the Republican Party. Back in May, we brought you a story[7] that described how Rep. Amash was the eager poster boy for the group of Republicans looking to stir up support for impeaching the President over the Comey memos that did not exist. After Comey’s testimony, the impeach-Trump crowd scattered and now it looks like they’re reforming to grandstand.

And this isn’t the first time Trump has brought up his support of Kate’s Law.

Something tells me that Amash has a much more selfish reason for voting against the law, which would clearly make it through the House. It’s the only way he can get attention for his anti-Trump agenda.

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