Trump Adviser Makes Trump’s Immigration Plan Sound Entirely Reasonable

by William Teach | February 23, 2016 7:42 am

The Daily Caller sat down with Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller regarding a variety of questions, most of which seemed to revolve are Trump’s immigration plans. Here’s what we get[1]

“There’s an overarching principle that covers all immigration policy — three principles to be exact,” Miller told TheDC in a phone interview.

“The first is that a nation without borders is not a nation. You’ve heard [Trump] say many times in many interviews either we’re a country or we’re not. It’s that simple. We’re either a country or we’re not. Similarly, the second principle is a nation without walls is not a nation, which is an extension of the first principle, but in other words. If you have laws, you enforce them,” he said.

“The last principle of the three is that a nation that does not serve its citizens is not a nation, which is to say that the social contract of the country is that the interest group that is served is not special interests, or lobbyists, or transnational corporations, or citizens of other countries. It is the citizens of this country, the United States,” he added.

Miller described the current immigration system as catering to everyone but the American citizens, and that the whole world will know that people can no longer come to American illegally if he’s elected. The plan encompasses those who overstay their visas, who make up roughly 40% of those here illegally. Trump plans on enforcing the existing laws on the books, including the use of biometric entrance/exit systems.

He wants to streamline immigration hearings while doing away with catch and release policies. Miller also stated that the Trump campaign believes that the 14th Amendment does not confer birthright citizenship to foreigners born in the United States (Ann Coulter, despite having turned into a buffoon in the past few years, and especially when it comes to people who do not support Trump, actually makes a good argument[2] against birthright citizenship. She’s smart, but, still a wanker).

Trump would also reduce legal immigration. On this, I’d like to hear a bit more detail. Most of this part of the interview revolved around Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims, but, I think we need to look at those who are coming over and getting paid less to take American’s jobs (see Disney[3], for one). How many other countries allow foreigners to come in and take their citizen’s jobs? We could certainly use more temporary migrant labor, which strong controls to make sure they leave when they’re supposed to, and companies who hire them should be responsible for providing health insurance to their workers.

Most of this can all be seen at Trump’s website, which lays out his plans and policies[4] on immigration. Interestingly, one thing missing is his position on touch-back amnesty[5], something which I could swear appeared at that link just two weeks ago when someone on Twitter dared me to read his plan (something I had previously done months ago). Trump has seemingly been in favor of a pathway to citizenship for the “good ones”. Personally, I’m not opposed to some staying, as long as they pay fines and fees, have no criminal issues, and speak English. They would be banned from being eligible for social services such as welfare, food stamps, medicare, etc for a short period of, say, 5 years. These illegals must show that they are capable of providing for their lives, rather than relying on the government.

Numbers USA[6] has given Trump’s plan a C+. They summarize his positions, including this

2. No legal status would be granted to those illegal aliens until illegal immigration is brought under control. At a minimum, that includes a fence and adequate Border Patrol activity. He still hasn’t said if he would take away the jobs magnet nor has he commented on a number of interior enforcement tools.

I’m still not big fan of Trump, my Trust Factor for him is low overall, but, on this particular issue, my trust factor is high, unlike with most elected Republicans who seem to give lip service to building a wall and you know they would immediately go for amnesty.

Still not a Trump supporter, though. However, his immigration is pretty sound.

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