VIDEO: Steven Crowder Goes to the Corner and Steals Jobs From Illegals

VIDEO: Steven Crowder Goes to the Corner and Steals Jobs From Illegals

Steven Crowder has the reputation of being a pot stirrer and his latest video is no exception.

On this episode of “How Can I Piss Off The Left Today,” Crowder takes to the streets to take jobs from illegal aliens. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he wasn’t stabbed or shot. Honestly, this footage – while hilarious – is also extremely frightening.

One of the most popular liberal talking points – when it comes to illegal immigration – is screaming that they do jobs that white Americans won’t do. They say that as if they know exactly what every white American is and is not willing to do when it comes to doing what is necessary to feed their families and themselves.

Of course, this somehow justifies millions of people breaking the law because apparently feelings trump the rule of law. Oh, but only when liberals say so, because they are the deciders of which laws deserve to be followed and which laws are okay to be broken.

Armed with this knowledge and a camera, Crowder hit the corner to see what kind of havoc he could wreak on the delicate egos of our leftists pals.

Watch the video below:

Important takeaways:

The morons at The Young Turks (the left’s version of Alex Jones) think that illegals pay taxes. An actual illegal says that he “don’t pay nothing” in taxes. So which is the truth? I think we all know.

One illegal says that he makes $400 in three days. That doesn’t seem like a lot until you add it up, which Crowder did. He can make anywhere from $45K-$54K a year, which is more than many Americans make who are forced to do things the right way, or face the wrath of the law.

Finally, illegals don’t appreciate competition and can be pretty racist when you get down to it.

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