Washington Post Seems Unfamiliar With This Whole Rule Of Law Thing Regarding Illegal Aliens

by William Teach | August 31, 2017 8:22 am


The Washington Post Editorial Board is in high dudgeon over something that hasn’t even happened yet, and may or may not happen
The D

Will the divider in chief strike again?[2]

PRESIDENT TRUMP has outdone himself in dividing America — over banning Muslims, pardoning a racial profiler and spotting “very fine people” among the neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen in Charlottesville. Now he is reported[3] to be on the brink of dividing families by rescinding deportation protections enjoyed by nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children and raised here to believe in the American Dream.

Why would he be dividing families? They could all be deported together! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Is the American Dream to break the law then be rewarded for it by demanding the the U.S. give them citizenship, education, healthcare, food, money, while often refusing to assimilate?

The president once described the so-called dreamers as “incredible kids” and, saying he’d handle their predicament “with heart,” urged them to “rest easy.” It will be instructive to see if he sticks to that stance in the face of pressure from his nativist attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who has counseled Mr. Trump that he regards the program shielding dreamers from deportation as unconstitutional and indefensible in court.

Following the Constitution and rule of law is apparently now considered to be “nativist”. Kinda like how leftists, especially the Antifa folks, now consider free speech to be fascist[4].

Dreamers registered with the government starting in 2012 under a program, launched by President Barack Obama, that enabled[5] many of them to attend college, get jobs and driver’s licenses, start businesses, open bank accounts, pay taxes, buy homes and cars, and live ordinary and open lives. All had lived in the United States since at least 2007; none had committed a serious crime. Each signed up for the program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, by trusting the government with their names, addresses and other information marking their emergence from the shadows.

That’s called “back door amnesty.” President Obama had no legal or Constitutional authority to provide this. It is a function of the duly elected Legislative branch. Furthermore, Obama’s unlawful rule meant that the parents would not be deported, because he didn’t want to separate the kids from the parent or parents that brought them illegally, even as Obama pointed out that the parents broke the law.

Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, they have continued registering for two-year permits and renewing them. By doing so, they have hurt no one; to the contrary, they have contributed[6] their energy, ambition and labor to the country and communities where they have spent most of their lives.

When does it end, though? There seems to be no end in sight, which, again, means that immigration enforcement officers are supposed to leave the lawbreaking parent/parents alone. It’s a never ending cycle that essentially rewards lawbreaking and incentivizes and rewards[7] more illegals to come and use their children as pawns.

Are we a nation of law or a nation of men? If we continue this unlawful program, will we be allowed to deport the parent/parents? Essentially, the Washington Post, like others yammering about DACA,, admits that the parents did wrong, so, if the kids aren’t supposed to pay for the crimes of the parents[8], someone has to pay the price. That would be the parents. How about this: the kids be given DACA by law, and the parents self deport as punishment. And can never return.

But, let’s not forget something central: Trump hasn’t done anything at this time, so, this freakout is rather premature.

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