Woman Accidentally Turns Dad Into ICE, And It’s All Your Fault

by William Teach | October 24, 2017 6:55 am


And Trump’s fault. Because it’s mean to detain and potentially deport people who are unlawfully present in the United States. It’s mean that we have laws and stuff. Don’t be misled by the headline of this piece written by Viviana Andazola Marquez as to where the Blame lies

I Accidentally Turned My Dad Into Immigration Services[2]

This month my father and I drove to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Centennial, Colo., for a routine visit. I offered to drive because my dad was too nervous and excited to take the wheel. “How long have we waited for this day?” he asked me. He had been told to come in for a final interview before he could get approved for legal permanent residency.

But the meeting turned into a nightmare. Several hours after we arrived, I found myself alone, in disbelief. My dad had been detained[3] and was facing deportation proceedings.

Viviana describes what went down at the immigration office, ending with the detainment. We learn that her dad is an illegal alien unlawfully present since 1988, who has raised 4 anchor babies, and that he’s been a “perfect citizen” or something, and that

Regardless of his status, he has earned the right to work hard without the constant anxiety of being apprehended. His children — of whom I am the oldest — deserve that peace of mind too.

Uh huh. Her dad also wanted to follow the rules. Except for the ones about not being unlawfully present in the United States. And under an order of exclusion, and older term for deportation order. Because he had already been deported once previously. And became a wanted felon by recrossing in the U.S. illegally. Unsurprisingly, you do not learn this in the op-ed, but from the link in the 2nd paragraph of the article (as shown above).

What happened to him is not an appropriate application of the law — it is cruelty. It’s not just my dad’s story. Under President Trump, every undocumented person living in the United States is a target, a deportation priority. This is a grave national security mistake. As this administration creates more distrust and fear in our communities, it is not encouraging people to be honest with law enforcement agents. Undocumented people want to cooperate with the law, but there is no path for them to do so without jeopardy of detainment or removal.

So many families like mine are threatened by a deeply flawed immigration system in the United States, which is basically enforced in an ad hoc manner. If upholding the law is important, pulling families apart is no way to do it.

See? It’s all your fault. And Trump’s. Because people who break our laws and enter our country, even after being told “no” and being previously deported, are super awesome or something. It’s totally cruel that the law should be applied to law breakers. Viviana is “majoring in ethnicity, race and migration”: anyone want to be that she’s an SJW would wants people arrested for mean speech? Or the other stuff that SJWs rail against? If “undocumented people want to cooperate with the law”, well, then they should self deport.

From the aforementioned link to the Denver Post

In a statement, ICE confirmed that Andazola Morales was arrested at the USCIS office Oct. 12. “Mr. Andazola was previously deported from the United States in March 1997,” ICE spokesman Gregory Palmore said via email. “His previous removal order has been reinstated, and he remains in ICE custody pending his removal from the United States.”

Pretty clear cut. Unlawfully present after being previously deported. They are not allowed to apply for legal status. Again, Viviana forgot to mention this in her op-ed.

Viviana said her father’s detention is creating a hardship for the family, but she worries about its larger implications.

“I think that it creates a distress, not just for my dad, but for the immigrant community who are trying to do right by the law,” she said. “For agents like ICE and USCIS to be bringing people in under the pretense that they are going to be able to do right by the law, and instead detaining them — it sends an awful message.”

See? It was America’s fault then, especially immigration officials, rather than her dad’s fault for intentionally violating U.S. law and sovereignty. Do we blame the convenience store when a person is arrested for shop-lifting? Personally, I’m tired of the boo-hoo sob stories that blame everyone but the person who committed the crime, and now has to pay the penalty.

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