Alabama Passes Toughest Illegal Immigration Law

Obviously, this is causing certain people to freak out and use their typical language. The BBC goes with the substance of it being raaaaacist. Let’s see what the LA Times has to say

Alabama set a new national standard for get-tough immigration policy Thursday with Gov. Robert J. Bentley’s signing of a law that surpasses Arizona’s SB 1070, with provisions affecting law enforcement, transportation, apartment rentals, employment and education.

The new law, combined with legislation passed in May by neighboring Georgia, has arguably made this swath of the Deep South the nation’s hottest immigration battleground, with the region’s troubled racial history fueling the fire.

Oops. Raaaaacism. Funny how liberals always go back to that same well, instead of discussing law and order.

The American Civil Liberties Union declared its intention Thursday to file a lawsuit opposing HB 56, arguing that it would invite racial profiling and require police to “demand ‘papers’ from people they stop whom they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S.”

“This draconian initiative signed into law this morning by Gov. Robert Bentley is so oppressive that even Bull Connor himself would be impressed,” said Wade Henderson, head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, referring to Birmingham’s notorious segregationist public safety commissioner from the civil rights era. “HB 56 is designed to do nothing more than terrorize the state’s Latino community.”

Well, Democrats would know about racism, since they were the primary drivers behind those policies, while Republicans worked to stop racist policies, even deciding to go to war over it.

In an echo of the Arizona law, the Alabama legislation requires that police, in the course of any lawful “stop, detention or arrest,” make a reasonable attempt to determine a person’s citizenship and immigration status, given a “reasonable suspicion” that the person is an immigrant, unless doing so would hinder an investigation.

It outlaws illegal immigrants from receiving any state or local public benefits, bars them from enrolling in or attending public colleges, and prohibits them from applying for or soliciting work.

It forbids the harboring and transport of illegal immigrants, and outlaws renting them property or “knowingly” employing them for any work within the state. It also makes it a “discriminatory practice” to fire, or decline to hire, a legal resident when an illegal one is on the payroll.

The law criminalizes “dealing in false identification documents” and, beginning April 1, will require every business in the state to verify employees’ immigration status using the federal E-Verify system.

Kudos to Alabama for taking a tough stance. Expect the Obama administration to take the state to court shortly.

For opponents, one of the most disturbing provisions is a requirement that officials in K-12 public schools determine whether students are illegal immigrants. It will not ban the students from schools, but rather require every school district to submit an annual report on the number of presumed illegal immigrants to the state education board.

But Ali Noorani, head of the National Immigration Forum, fears that simply asking parents about their children’s immigration status will cause them to pull their kids from school.

Good. They shouldn’t be there, Mr. Noorani. Apparently, Los Parents will have to show their snowflakes’ birth certificates or proper proof of citizenship. Personally, I remember having to provide (or parents having to) documents such as my certificate of live birth for grade school, boarding school, and college. I had to provide said COLB to get my NJ and NC drivers licenses.

Anyhow, this law is a good mixture of measures, including law enforcement and making it difficult and expensive to employ illegals, all designed to drive them from Alabama.

One problem I see with this is that a person can receive up to a year in jail for transporting a known illegal, but a business would only lose their license for 10 days. They need to make the penalties on business, and the specific people who hire illegals, stricter and tougher.

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