Creating a Permanent Democrat Majority

These highlights from a piece at Conservative Review make the Democrat electoral strategy clear:

• Over the past 18 years, the U.S. has admitted over roughly 700,000-800,000 citizens into our voting population every year, with a few years reaching 1 million.

• Between 1989-2013, the U.S. has admitted 25.3 million legal permanent residents.

• During a comparable 25-year period at the height of the Great Wave, from 1900-1924, only 16.8 million green cards were issued. The current wave has been 66% larger than the Great Wave in terms of green cards issued.

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• While the immigration wave of the modern era was 66% larger than the Great Wave, the “naturalization wave” underway is 329% greater.

• 3.52 million immigrants have been naturalized in California since 1996, roughly one-fourth of the total naturalizations nationwide.

• According to a 2012 survey, current immigrants favor Democrats over Republicans by almost 4-1.

• A number of critical states have doubled or tripled their immigrant population over the past few decades, which in turn has helped Democrats create a “blue firewall” in the Electoral College.

They don’t have to govern responsibly, or come up with candidates more credible than Shrillary Rotten and the crotchety communist kook from Vermont. All they have to do is leave the immigration floodgates open a few more years and they are guaranteed power for the foreseeable future. Appallingly, many prominent Republicans — including the possible next Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — are eager to help them.

Having been elected by an alliance of moonbats, ghetto dwellers, and most importantly nonwhite immigrants to represent the latter’s interests in opposition to the native population, the all-Democrat federal government of our near future will be ever more openly hostile to the interests of regular Americans. Its entire reason for being will be to enslave us through taxation to the foreign colonists currently flooding into the country.

We’re getting close to the end game.

On tips from Bodhisattva, JusttheTipHQ, and Bill T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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