Environmental Red Tape Used to Prevent Border Defense

There isn’t much constructive activity the radical environmentalist bureaucracy won’t prevent — not even guarding the border from drug cartels and economically unsustainable hordes of colonists:

Federal land managers in Arizona, where about half of all illegal alien apprehensions took place in 2010, denied a U.S. Border Patrol station permission to build a road deemed necessary for “achieving or maintaining operational control” of an area along the southwest border.

According to an April 15 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), land managers, including officials from the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture, denied permission to build the road because of environmental restrictions related to the Wilderness Act.

The GAO, which surveyed 26 stations along the southwest border, also found that Border Patrol headquarters had denied two of them funding for infrastructure along the southwest border which was required to “achieve or maintain operational control.”

Federal lands comprise about 820 miles, or more than 40 percent, of the approximately 2,000-mile southwest border. As of Sept. 30, 2010, the U.S. government had established operational or “effective” control along less than half (873 miles) of that border.

Let me repeat that:

As of Sept. 30, 2010, the U.S. government had established operational or “effective” control along less than half (873 miles) of that border.

We are fighting three wars on the other side of the world, at least two of them with only vague objectives, yet the bumbling gang of left-wing looters that is insolent enough to call itself the US government has not established control of the border, despite horrific violence spilling over from the other side and massive colonization by foreign welfare parasites.

Pernicious laws largely dictated by the anti-human environmentalist lobby that not only reduce our standard of living but impede border security include the Wilderness Act, Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, and National Historic Preservation Act.

Although Arizona is bearing the brunt of the preventable invasion, similar shenanigans are going on elsewhere:

In New Mexico, red tape requiring “environmental and historic property assessments” of an area which illegal aliens were known to use had prevented Border Patrol from monitoring that span of the border for almost eight months.

At least the bureauweenies are preserving unspoiled nature so we can see it in all its splendor, right? Wrong; our rulers have posted signs warning us to stay off our federal lands due to the danger from the heavily armed Mexicans they refuse to defend us from.

Well, then even if we can’t enjoy it, at least the scorpions and rattlesnakes can witness the virgin wilderness free of mankind’s taint. Wrong again; this is what the invaders have been doing to the desert:

illegal alien garbage arizona

Government is an awful thing if you have too much of it, but one fulfilling its fundamental duties by putting the interests of its citizens ahead of foreign criminals and wild animals would be worth having.

On a tip from G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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