Holder Considers Suing Arizona Over Rights Violations That Haven’t Happened

You just knew they were at least thinking about it

The federal government is weighing a lawsuit to challenge Arizona’s new immigration law, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Sunday.

“We are considering all of our options, and one of the things we are considering is filing a lawsuit,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The government could challenge the state law based on federal preemption rules or on the grounds that it violates federal civil rights statutes, Mr. Holder said.

Mr. Holder also said he worried that the Arizona law could result in racial profiling and spark a lack of trust towards law-enforcement authorities among Hispanic and other communities that could be targeted. “People in that community are then less likely to cooperate, less likely to be witnesses,” he said.

So, because he is worried that something might happen, Los Federales may sue? It might make sense in Liberal World, but, one would think that the DoJ might deal with actual concrete crimes, like, say, people coming into the United States illegally, either through crossing the borders illegally, or overstaying their visas. Perhaps he could consider suing Homeland Security for canceling further construction of the border wall.

Meanwhile, a legal immigrant puts it all in perspective

My status as a legal immigrant shapes my perspective on the illegal immigration issue in general, and Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 recently adopted by the state of Arizona in particular. When confronted by critics of this legislation, who have urged me to empathize with illegal immigrants, I draw the following comparison: when a person goes into a bank with a check and receives cash for it, that person follows the legal and proper procedure for obtaining money; however, when a person robs a bank with a gun, that person, too, has received cash, but by way of committing an illegal act. Both individuals leave the bank with money, however, one is a law abiding citizen while the other is a criminal.

Read the whole thing.

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