Mexico Is Whining About Increased Texas Border Enforcement, Claims It ‘Promotes Division’

Mexico Is Whining About Increased Texas Border Enforcement, Claims It ‘Promotes Division’

The Mexican government is not happy with Texas these days. Why? Because Mexico believes the United States should have an open door policy when it comes to immigration.

Of course, that’s exactly what liberals and the Obama administration have essentially advocated for. But, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t having any of that.

mexico-texas border

The Mexican government says it regrets Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to sign into law an $800 million border security package that will mean more state troopers, cameras and a spy plane to patrol the U.S. state’s 1,200-mile border with Mexico.

One of the provisions will toughen punishments for convicted human traffickers.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said Wednesday the new law will “promote division between our societies, and runs contrary to the principles and values governing the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship.”

Abbott signed the measure Tuesday. It should accelerate the hiring of 250 additional state troopers who will patrol the border, replacing National Guard troops deployed there last summer.

So basically if it were up to the Mexican government, Mexicans would be fleeing to the US in the millions, even more than the illegal immigrants that are currently crossing over the border.

But, does the Mexican not get it? The entire point of countries being separate is to have a division between them.

That’s not promoting division, that’s just the way the world works and the way immigration works. Its almost unfathomable that Mexico doesn’t understand that.

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