More On The Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law

A general mish-mash of news, starting with CNN, which called the demonstration Sunday “largely peaceful.” Does that mean that there were acts that were not peaceful, too? They don’t say. They do say this

Chanting “Yes we can,” waving American flags and holding signs reading “We have rights” and “We are human,” demonstrators kept up a festive spirit as they denounced the bill signed Friday by Gov. Jan Brewer.

Yeah, about that “Yes we can“…..

With chants of “Sí, se puede” (“Yes, we can”) echoing through the air, those opposed to Senate Bill 1070 handed out T-shirts bearing the slogan “Legalize Arizona.”

In other words, those who approve of people violating the immigration laws of the United States were out in force, not to mention that many illegals are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other types of criminals. I wonder how many were actually American citizens at the rally?

Speaking of rallies, how about the one on Friday?

New aerial footage has surfaced of the violence that broke out at the Arizona state capitol building after a new illegal immigration bill was signed into law on Friday. In stark contrast to peaceful Tea Party rallies, the pro-illegal immigration protesters took to the streets pelting police with rocks and water bottles as a means to voice their discontent.

Check the link for video of what a “peaceful” left side demonstration looks like.

Up in New York, which doesn’t need to deal with people coming across the Canadian border to kidnap American citizens, one blogger at the Times Union gets truly silly

In trying to tamp down my immediate visceral rage to the new Arizona immigration law, I tried to think about it in a cool, unemotional way. (snip)

It struck me that, in apartheid South Africa, there was a requirement that people had to show identification when requested. But it was only enforced on people of a certain color. As the song from the mid-1980s album Sun City goes, Let Me See Your ID.

I suppose, from the first sentence, we can assume the writer would be a Leftist, as their normal reaction to everything they do not like is rage. But, to compare the law to apartheid? Please. Those who are here legally will be treated with respect, those who aren’t, will be arrested and sent back across the border. This was a perfect example of the truly insane way Lefties “think.”

Another New Yorker, Mike Lupica (who should really stick with sports), writes that Arizona Gov. Janet Brewer needs lessons in patriotism. He never defines why or how, instead going on a typical liberal rant. Say, Mike, why not move down to Arizona, to, say, a border town, and see how safe it is.

A writer at the Tucson Citizen, Jim Kelley, refers to these supporters of the illegals as “narco-terrorists.” No excerpt, you have to read the whole thing.

Sweet! An Arizona congressman, Raul Grijalva, has called for a boycott of Arizona. I wonder who he considers his constituents, the American citizens who do not want to be kidnapped, raped, and murdered, or the illegals who are kidnapping, raping, and murdering Arizonans?


Santa Fe’s Immigration Committee president Marcela Diaz want local families and businesses to boycott Arizona.

Diaz is also a board member for Somos Un Pueblo Unido, she said she hopes the boycott would change Arizona’s immigration law.

Somos Un Pueblo Unido is a leftist open borders group which wants drivers licenses for illegals, to make it so no law enforcement officer can ask an illegal their status after arrest, and really, amnesty for all.

“It’s going to push people further down into the shadows. It’s going to alienate people, it’s going to make people afraid in their own communities but they’ll probably end up staying because that’s where they have their roots,” said Diaz.

So, then the law is working, if they are hunkering down and staying out of the public arena. However, they will probably all leave, Marcela, which is also the point. Why don’t you join them down in Mexico, if you think there are no borders?

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