Orange, Ca. Declares Itself A Rule Of Law City Regarding Illegals

I really like the way Orange passed these two resolutions, effectively put the pro-illegals supports on the side of crime and criminals

The City Council voted 4-0 on Tuesday to back two resolutions supporting Arizona’s hotly debated immigration-reform bill.

The council’s decisions to declare Orange a Rule of Law city and to officially support the residents and businesses of Arizona in their efforts stem the flow of illegal immigrants followed two hours of impassioned but civil debate among public speakers.

You are either for crime or you are not. Regardless of how nice and hard working an illegal alien is, they are still here in this country illegally. I can understand why so many want to come to the USA. We, purely, rock. But, they are still here illegally. And the Left, the biggest supporters of illegals to the point of calling them undocumented migrants (residents, workers, etc), are on the side of illegality. As are a few Republicans, such as Lindsay Graham.

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In all, 22 speakers urged the council to pass the resolutions while 15 spoke out against it.

Supporters said it was necessary to show where Orange stands on an important national issue and to show support for the people of Arizona, while opponents called the action offensive, divisive and a waste of time since the resolution will not change how Orange handles immigration issues.

It will surely make illegals, not all of whom are from Mexico or Latin American, go somewhere else other than Orange.

But taking such a stance gives the city a “black eye,” said Yolanda Alvarez, who is Latina and was raised in Orange. Other opponents said endorsing the resolutions could lead to infringement of civil rights and make Latinos less likely to cooperate with police.

So, standing up for law and order (remember,one of our founding principles is that America is a country of laws, not of Men, and, if you have to ask someone what that means, you are probably a liberal) is a “black eye” to the city? As far as the possiblity of leading to civil rights violations, illegals have none. Furthermore, when you supporters can point to actual abuses of actual citizens, and I am not talking about random now and then violations (I bet we have all had an issue in our lifetimes which was a civil rights violation. I know I did, in the town of Howell, NJ, and called the cop on it. And won), then you might have a point. Until then, stand up for law and order.

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