Palin/Brewer to Obama/Holder: Read the AZ Immigration Bill – and Secure the Border

by Sister Toldjah | May 16, 2010 1:15 pm

Rockin’ video[1]:

Love the video clip in the ad of AG Eric Holder, a leading critic of the Arizona immigration bill, admitting he hasn’t read[2] the 10 page bill.

Palin and Brewer had a press conference yesterday[3] in Arizona where they announced the launch of a new website: Secure the Border[4], a site the cuts through the bull and gives the facts about both Arizona’s popular[5] immigration bill and the situation along the Arizona border.

Glad to see that the pushback from Brewer[6] and other AZ immigration bill proponents against the uninformed, mostly race-baiting criticism out there is continuing.

Want to do your part to help Arizona? Find out how by clicking here[7].

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