The Real Reason Hispanic Americans Are So Pro-Illegal Immigration

by John Hawkins | July 15, 2011 12:06 am

Illegal immigration is terrible for the country and terrible for Hispanic Americans, but blood is thicker than water, my friend, blood is thicker than water[1].

Polling released today from Latino Decisions and impreMedia shows that Latino voters prioritize immigration, and do so because they view the issue through a personal lens. The findings hold important lessons for both political parties as the 2012 cycle begins. Among the key findings:

…Latinos’ personal connection to the immigration debate: 53% of poll respondents reported personally knowing an undocumented person, whether a relative, friend, or co-worker. Additionally, 25% of respondents reported personally knowing someone who “faced detention or deportation for immigration reasons.”

If you have a friend or a relative who’s an illegal immigrant, you’re probably going to care more about looking out for him than you’re going to care about doing what’s right for the country. That’s human nature and it’s why it’s going to be so difficult to turn Hispanics around on the issue.

  1. blood is thicker than water, my friend, blood is thicker than water:

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