This Is America And We Do Speak English Here, Even When Ordering Sandwiches

by John Hawkins | May 23, 2011 6:12 am

What we have here is a failure to communicate[1]. Some men you just can’t reach…and then you’re not allowed to order a sandwich.

Some chefs spend their lifetimes unsuccessfully slogging away to improve business.

But all it took for Reedy Creek Diner chef Greg Simons in Lexington, North Carolina, was to put up a controversial language sign and he’s seen his sales treble.

Mr Simons put up the ‘No speak English. No service’ sign in March and says he’s received great support – with some people asking for souvenir copies to take home .

…Mr Simons took down the sign in March after receiving a deluge of complaints at the time from people concerned it may have been racist.

…It was put up after a group were offended because staff could not speak Spanish.

But Mr Simons said: ‘Everybody’s money is green as far as I’m concerned. It’s a communication thing. Nobody here speaks another language other than English.’

In fact, the sign has received so much attention that he has added a list of additional languages and makes photocopies for customers wanting to take one away.

‘Everybody’s money is green as far as I’m concerned. It’s a communication thing’

The sign was originally in Spanish, French, Russian, Irish and German, but Mr Simons said he put it up because of an issue with a group of Hispanic customers.

There is a great frustration in this country over the proliferation of Spanish in our society. It shows up on products, on TV, on government documents, and on the radio. In part, that’s because speaking Spanish is associated with illegal aliens. After all, if you were born here, you should know how to speak English and it’s a requirement to become a naturalized citizen. So many people just assume if you speak Spanish, then you’re an illegal alien.

And there’s no upside to having a bilingual society. It separates us culturally and it limits opportunities. If you can only speak Spanish, get ready for a lifetime of manual labor, because that’s all you’re really fit to do if most people can’t understand what you’re saying.

Now, would I put up a sign like that? Probably not because as Simons says, “Money is green.” I don’t even mind when Republican politicians do ads in Spanish because I think that helps refute the false idea that Republicans are anti-Hispanic. That being said, we should do what we can to discourage the usage of Spanish. We shouldn’t have government documents in Spanish, we shouldn’t have street signs in Spanish, and we shouldn’t have bilingual classes in our schools.

If you’re on vacation or here on a work VISA, you can struggle along the best you can with the local language, just like Americans do when they visit your country. If you’re an American, you need to learn English. If you’re an illegal, you need to go home, and your home isn’t here.

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