Husband’s Wife Tragically Dies. Years Later, He Receives a Letter That Says the Unthinkable…

Husband’s Wife Tragically Dies. Years Later, He Receives a Letter That Says the Unthinkable…

Four years ago, Brenda Schmitz knew should would die from the cancer that was ravaging her body. She looked past her own imminent passing into her husband’s and family’s future. She wrote a letter to her family and the woman that her husband would fall in love with after she was gone. She gave it to her best friend and asked her to read it on the air at a Des Moines radio station once David had found love again. Her friend did that and there were three wishes in the letter that were granted after it was read. The first was a day of pampering for David’s new wife. The second was a family vacation where they could make new memories. The third was to throw an event for the hospital staff who took care of her throughout her illness. Local businesses chipped in for the vacation and all three wishes were brought to life.



In 2011, Brenda Schmitz passed away due to ovarian cancer. She was survived by her husband David and their children. Two months before Brenda died, she penned a letter to Des Moines radio station, Star 102.5. She gave the letter to her best friend with specific instructions: do not send this letter in until David is in love again.

Her friend obliged. In 2013, David met and fell in love with Jayne Abraham. Brenda’s friend sent in the letter to Star 102.5, who brought him in for the surprise — David had no idea the letter existed. The thing about Star is that for over two decades, they have surprised someone every Christmas, but they had never received a letter like this. Like the letter Amber wrote to her daughter Lily before she gave her up for adoption, Brenda’s letter also revealed that sometimes it’s the words from those who are no longer with us that give us the courage to move forward.

In the letter, Brenda gives David not just permission but her best wishes with his new partner. “She must be quite a lady,” Brenda writes. There were three surprises in the letter and Star 102.5 granted every single one of them. Read the letter below and see David’s stunned, tearful reaction below…

It takes an incredible woman who is totally selfless to do something like this. Brenda wrote a separate letter to David’s new wife wishing her well and telling her she loved her. Everyone cried and I don’t know how her best friend got through reading that letter without breaking down. Her husband was beside himself and in tears. She gave her family a priceless gift of love long after she passed away. That is incredibly inspirational. She truly loved her husband and children. Leaving them must have been so hard. I can’t imagine going through that. I wish I had that woman’s courage and as much love as she had in her heart to write that letter. Sometimes those who are already gone are the ones that give us the strength to keep moving forward. This is one of those times.





Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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