New Jersey Police Line Up to Say a Tearful Goodbye to Their Best Friend

New Jersey Police Line Up to Say a Tearful Goodbye to Their Best Friend

A dog can be a man’s best friend, but that’s even more true when the dog is partner to a cop. And when it was time for one ailing police K-9 to say goodbye, he was given a hero’s farewell by the police department.


Noted police dog Judge, who retired from active service in 2013, was given a hero’s farewell as he was walked into the vet’s office to be put down.

Judge had been suffering from Cushings Disease and, though it pained Cpl Mike Franks to admit, it was time:

“This dog is my best friend.” Franks said. “He’s an unbelievable partner.”

Judge and Cpl Mike Franks were partnered in 2007 and managed to arrest 152 people, seize three vehicles, remove guns from the street and confiscate more than $47,000 in drugs and money.

In short, Judge was one heck of a cop.

After he retired in 2013, his health worsened, but the citizens of West Deptford were there to help. A crowd funding website was set up and, in no time at all, $12,000 was raised to help cover his medical expenses. Unfortunately, the treatment came too late. This past Thursday a decision was made to euthanize the ailing dog.

However, Judge walked with his head held high, clutching his favorite training sleeve in his mouth, to the animal hospital.

“Though Judge was extremely lethargic and could barely walk the days before the ceremony, he was able to bite onto his favorite protective decoy arm sleeve used in training and carry it into the hospital.” Franks said.

A line of his friends and coworkers waited there to salute him, some with tears in their eyes. Similarly, a line of vets and vet technicians waited inside the door.

Judge found strength and bravery in his final moments just as he had through his years of service, and so it was only fitting that he got such a touching tribute when it came time to say goodbye.

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