VIDEO: She Was Trying to Help When a Homeless Woman Offered Harsh Words; What Shocked Her is That They Were True

by Cassy Fiano | October 20, 2014 1:42 pm

It’s admirable to want to help people, but too often, the help we offer doesn’t do anything to help people improve their situation, and the cycle continues. Veronika Scott learned this lesson the hard way when she was confronted by a homeless woman

veronika scott[1]

There, Scott was given the assignment of creating something that “fills actual needs.” She decided to create a coat that could be turned into sleeping bag for the homeless.

While working on her project Scott would go to homeless shelters for research and testing her prototypes. It was during one of these times that she had a life-altering experience:

“A woman came out the shelter that I was just in and she was yelling at me, full on screaming. Said said, “We don’t need coats, we need jobs.” And really she was completely right. The coat is just a bandaid for a systemic issue.”

… The Empowerment Plan only employs people from homeless shelters where they sew Scott’s special coats for the homeless; teaching them life skills that they can use to break through the poverty cycle and provide for themselves and their families.

As someone who as rose above her situation, Scott offers encouraging words, “No matter what you have gone through you can still do a lot with what you have.”

While the coats are indeed generous, giving these people jobs can help them change their circumstances and their lives. Scott may not have understood that to start with, and it may have been harsh to hear, but the important thing is that she listened and learned and is making an even bigger difference now.

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