Conservative Warrior Wayne Dupree Sits Down to Talk Politics and WAAR

by Sierra Marlee | November 30, 2014 12:02 am

I have had the immense pleasure of interviewing the “News Ninja” himself, Wayne Dupree. He is an amazingly successful entrepreneur, wildly popular internet radio show host, and and owner of the #1 Political Talk Radio Station on Live365! His links will be included at the end of the interview, so check them out and discover the future of talk radio.


Sierra Marlee: First things first, tell me a little about yourself, for the people who don’t yet know you.

Wayne Dupree: I am Wayne Dupree. Father of 3, USAF Veteran, served in the Gulf War and I love to drink root beer. There is nothing really special. I was a democrat voter until 2007 when I stepped back during the Democrat primaries and saw how the media was using race to promote Barack Obama and I jumped ship. I started listening to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and many more. When I saw they weren’t who I had been told, meaning racist men spewing lies about Obama, I started researching what they were saying and with more searching I found things out about both parties I never knew. I didn’t know Republicans were responsible for 1964/65 Civil and Voting Rights Acts. I didn’t know the Democrat party was creator of the KKK and the more I read, the more I got angry. I started spreading my knowledge via social media and got slammed by many until one night; Andrew Breitbart jumped into one of my arguments sided with what I was saying. After that, I started really raising my voice to where it is today. I want to help so many people feel the same way I did. Those who know me understand I am not in this for selfish reasons, never was. I want to enlighten everyone and wake as many people that I can to the truth so they can really make an informed decision on politics.

SM: Okay, let’s move to We Are America Radio, or WAAR. What was the point at which you said “you know what, I want to start my own radio station.”

WD: a. I was in transition of moving my radio show from one network to whoever wanted to pick it up and it was taking a long time. I caught on with From The Right Radio with Thomas LaDuke and it fit like a glove actually. I was so used to have more than one night a week and at the time FTR Radio couldn’t provide that because the roster has so much talent. I thought to myself, there are others out there like me that want to get their voices heard but might be running into road blocks like I did. I had a couple of conversations with LaDuke, my trusted friend and with his blessing I ventured into creating WAAR – We Are America Radio. Andrew Breitbart always talked about WAR…. we used that as a base for the radio station. With the station, I don’t mind being in the back and promoting, it’s actually fun. I like introducing the radio roster of names to connections I have met in the industry. Gives me a lot of pride but we are growing the station in leaps and bounds.

SM: How do you go about choosing hosts for your station?

WD: Well I pride myself on looking for very good talent. I look for passion. I look for strength. I watch how a person carries themselves on social media, how they connect with groups and how they take on liberals and that really means a lot to me. If they have a current radio show, I listen to their delivery and how they approach their topics. If they have never done radio, I try to mentor and walk them through, sticking with them until they are ready to fly on their own. I want radio shows hosts that have opinions, and want to inform and educate. My mom used to had a radio broadcast when I was younger and it’s always been in my blood. I never thought I would do it, however. Grant it, some of the hosts move on but that’s the business and you can’t stop someone from achieving their dream but there are so many young people out there that want to have a voice that are not afraid to share their thoughts and that’s what I look for.

SM: What is your ultimate goal for WAAR?

WD: I envision WAAR to be a place where people will begin downloading and associating great radio hosts with the station. One day I want WAAR to possible have a station on SIRIUS XM. WAAR on SIRIUS…how does that sound? I know it’s a lofty goal but one day right. Here’s the thing, radio is fickle and many people get tired of it. There are so many different chances out there, so many stations rising up but we have done really well in a short time. We are currently the #1 Political Talk Radio Station on LIVE365. We did it as a group effort. This wasn’t a one-person deal and I would never have it that way. We want to be major players in the way when you hear WAAR Media you associate that with excellence. We are still going through growing pains (started May 2014) but what we have now will soar real soon.


SM: Now for the fun stuff: politics. I was listening to your show, and I know you have some strong opinions about Ferguson and the situation underway there. Can you reiterate those for the readers?

WD: Ferguson is under siege from poverty pimps and outside agitators. I was there a few weeks ago and the citizens there don’t want this, they want peace and they want things to be calm. Rev Al Sharpton and his minion descended on the town with their hatred, spread that seed and let me grow weeds of discourse. I am embarrassed as an American Sharpton has that much power or perceived power to roll into town and do this. These agitators never wanted to honor Mike Brown, a thug who robbed a store owner and fought a policeman before meeting his untimely death. Ferguson, is the epitome of liberalism. Run by liberals, this is what you get and I feel sorry for the population of 23K, I really do, but I won’t stop blistering them for their hate, story twisting and constant lying to achieve their goals.

SM: How do you feel about Obama’s use of Executive Orders to further his agenda?

WD: The administration has cleverly adopted the “so sue me” line of governance, understanding that the pace of the courts will ensure that his policies will at least survive the next election cycle. Clever, but hardly admirable. The overreach of Obama is one half the problem. The other half is the lack of oversight by the GOP House leaders. Where are the law suits against him? Where are the independent council investigations? Heck, where are the hearings asking how he can make up or change law? The DACA fake permit? The dates on Obamacare? Leaving businesses out of the mandate while making individuals sign up? The IRS scandal alone is an impeachable offense! We will be watching History Channel specials on the Obama fraud and corruption for decades.

SM: Is there anyone in Congress whom you would be willing to support in a bid for 2016, or are you looking at backing a non-politicial candidate?

WD: I am reserved right now in choosing anyone in the Congress. This time I might look toward a Governor to support as my number one like Scott Walker. He’s beaten the unions twice, he’s defeated the Democrat party three times. He’s got the stuff and he’s doesn’t waver. He has leadership capabilities and never sick at sea. If I was to support someone right now, I wouldn’t go to congress, I would pitch my tent in the camp of Scott Walker and possible Susanna Martinez as Vice President….hey I think the ticket would work!

SM: What would you like to say to the incoming Congress of 2015?

WD: Lead or get the hell out of the way. I have been voting Republican since 2007. I am tired of losing these damn elections. I am tired of hearing the GOP leadership caving to the party I left. I removed myself from the plantation on purpose. Their ideas didn’t flow with where I was going and for that and that alone, it was time to make a move. But the Congress of 2015 has a chance to get a lot of things right, only if they stay true to the American people. I know that’s a large request, with their history but this time, holding them accountable is going to be joyous. I will hit them hard as I did liberals because I expect and demand the people we voted in to do the job we trusted them to do.

SM: What do you think the atmosphere in America is right now, and how do you think it will affect the 2016 elections?

WD: The atmosphere in America is toxic because leadership allows it to be. Congress is divided, the states are divided and that is not just by land separation and leadership quietly sits in DC racking up bounced checks and counting the finals days to their lofty pensions. America wants change at the top but they are tired of being lied to. America wants changes in their neighborhoods but they don’t know whom to look to help. If America trusted each other more, I think things would be so much better. The so-called leaders don’t have a freaking clue on how to fix things and they know it. If the American people ever wake all the way up and start trusting each other again to work out difference to get along, these so-called leaders are in trouble. I truly believe that.

SM: Okay, one final question and then I’ll be out of your hair: If people want to reach you, where can they go?

WD: Twitter @WayneDupreeShow[1]
Facebook: @Newsninja2012[2]
Website:[3] or[4]
[email protected]


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