Ahmadinejad Blows Off Barack’s “Beautiful Words”

The little dictator who rarely wears a tie (no, I’m not talking about Obama) says “Nope! Forget about it, chump!”

Speaking at a factory inauguration on Saturday, Ahmadinejad said a message by President Barack Obama to mark the Iranian new year last month contained “three or four beautiful words” but nothing new of substance.

We get the same thing daily, Mahmoud. At least you only received a few letters and messages. Not that I am taking your side. You’re a megalomaniac scumbag hardcore Islamist who subjugates and kills his own people, and sends you forces to kill Americans and Israelis.

“They say that ‘we have extended our hands to the people of Iran but the government of Iran and the people of Iran pushed it back’. What hand did you extend toward us?” Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech.

“What changed? Your sanctions were lifted? The adverse propaganda was stopped? The pressure was alleviated? Did you change your attitude in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine?”

So, let’s see. Obama has sent several missives to Ahmadinejad, and he had his cute video to Iran (again) last month. He mixes in a willingness to talk without preconditions with talk of more sanctions again and again. He has been pushing hard for more sanctions over the past week or so. Did President Neophyte actually believe that his letters and messages would accomplish anything when he was wielding the carrot and stick in the same hand?

Sure, he had to try and reach out once, as the new president. When that was rebuffed out of hand, time to move on, champ. And if you think attempting to reach out the to the Iranian people in your cute New Year’s video would work, you obviously are clueless. The time to reach out was during the election protests.

Mahmoud is also triple dog daring Obama to put sanctions on Iranian oil. What will you do now, Obama? Choose, but choose wisely. Because the Iranians are saying that no sanctions will stop their nuclear program. You may shortly have to make a decision that you hopefully do not find above your pay grade.

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