Fish Wrap: Middle East Security Necessary Now That Iran’s Getting Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars

by William Teach | September 24, 2015 7:06 am

The New York Times Editorial Board publishes an editorial that is truly worthy of only wrapping stinky, dead fish. They’re super enthused by the Iran deal, thumbing their noses at Republicans and those few Democrats who wanted to kill it (and still could, if Mitch McConnell had a spine), but, still, inadverdently tell us a few reasons the deal should be killed

Israel and America After the Iran Deal

Now that congressional Democrats have blocked a Republican effort to kill the Iran nuclear deal, attention is shifting to what America must do to reassure Israel and its American supporters that the agreement will not harm Israel’s security.

Increased cooperation between America and its regional partners, including the Arab gulf states as well as Israel, is vital to ensuring that Iran sticks to the deal, which curbs its nuclear program in return for sanctions relief. America and its partners need to find ways to keep Iran from using billions of dollars, which were frozen in overseas banks but are due to be released, to expand its use of proxies like Hezbollah to stir trouble abroad.

Huh. So, first, the NYTEB admits that the deal only curbs Iran’s nuclear weapons aspirations, not stops it. Big admission.

Second, they’re tacitly admitting that this deal makes the Middle East a more dangerous place with the deal, and puts Israel directly in the crosshairs of Iran’s support of terrorists. Hooray, #IranDeal!

Democrats and the White House are negotiating some sort of aid package to Israel and other ME nations. One would think that this would go nowhere, considering who controls Congress, but, hey, Mitch McConnell and other squishy Republicans.

Then a little Israel Derangement Syndrome

The focus on America’s obligations often ignores the responsibility Israel and the gulf states have for regional security. Saudi Arabia shares much blame for the rise of extremist groups, while Israel undermines stability by failing to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.

There’s the canard about Israel being to blame for the violence of Palestinians, helpfully forgetting the number of times Israel has made offers, only to have Palestinians blow them off, demand much more, and/or violate them with attacks on Israel’s civilian population.

In the end, what’s most important for Israel’s security is the relationship with the United States. Those ties were put at risk by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congressional Republicans, who polarized the debate over the Iran deal. A crucial sense of trust needs to be rebuilt. It is unclear that this can happen soon, no matter how many promises of aid and cooperation America makes to Israel.

Au contraire, it’s Obama’s shabby treatment of Israel as an ally and Netanyahu personally that has put the ties at risk. But, none of this would matter all that much if the Iran deal didn’t enable Iran to ramp up its support of terrorism in the Middle East, and specifically against Israel, through removal of sanctions and a massive inflow of cash.

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