Iran Foreign Minister: We’re Totally Ready To Move On And Discuss The Wider “Persian Gulf Region”

by William Teach | April 20, 2015 8:16 am

The NY Times has decided to give Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a platform to discuss Iranian objectives, which would not be such a bad idea, as this exposes what Iran really wants. Of course, Leftist fools highlight their American hatred and blamestorming of America in the comments, but, let’s move on

Mohammad Javad Zarif: A Message From Iran[1]

TEHRAN — WE made important progress in Switzerland earlier this month. With the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, we agreed[2] on parameters to remove any doubt about the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and to lift international sanctions against Iran.

But to seal the anticipated nuclear deal, more political will is required. The Iranian people have shown their resolve by choosing to engage with dignity. It is time for the United States and its Western allies to make the choice between cooperation and confrontation, between negotiations and grandstanding, and between agreement and coercion.

Perhaps Mr. Zarif should have a conversation with all the Iranians chanting “death to America” and “America is the devil…Israel is the devil, England is the devil…”. Perhaps Mr. Zarif could have a conversation with other Iranian leaders who have pledged to wipe Israel off the map.

Iran has been clear: The purview of our constructive engagement extends far beyond nuclear negotiations. Good relations with Iran’s neighbors are our top priority[3]. Our rationale is that the nuclear issue has been a symptom, not a cause, of mistrust and conflict. Considering recent advances in symptom prevention, it is time for Iran and other stakeholders to begin to address the causes of tension in the wider Persian Gulf region.

Well, it certainly doesn’t help that Iran has been, and still is, the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and clearly supports terrorist groups throughout the Middle East.

One cannot confront Al Qaeda and its ideological siblings, such as the so-called Islamic State, which is neither Islamic nor a state, in Iraq, while effectively enabling their growth in Yemen and Syria.

Of course, Iran has been implicated in much of the violence occurring within the Middle East, including Yemen and Syria

On a broader level, regional dialogue should be based on generally recognized principles and shared objectives, notably respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of all states; inviolability of international boundaries; noninterference in internal affairs; peaceful settlement of disputes; impermissibility of threat or use of force; and promotion of peace, stability, progress and prosperity in the region.

In other words, Iran wants influence in the “Persian Gulf region”, and wants everyone else to butt out.

The world cannot afford to continue to avoid addressing the roots of the turmoil in the wider Persian Gulf region. This unique opportunity for engagement must not be squandered.

What he surely means as the “roots” is the existence of Israel, and the “interference” of the US and European countries. He surely won’t mention that a good chunk of the roots points right back at Iran, as well as the ever increasing role of extremist Islam. Iran isn’t particularly happy with many of the Islamist groups, who aren’t under the control of Iran.

This is also meant to say “hey, let’s just move on from this nuclear weapons kerfuffle, OK?” On the NY Times front page, the blurb that accompanies the op-ed piece is “We’re ready to talk about ISIS, Syria and Yemen, not just our nuclear program.” Iran will not give up their quest to create nuclear weapons.

As someone in the NY Times comments points out, Iran has been the arsonist throughout the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, and now wants to be the fireman. Huh.

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