Iran Moves To Ban U.S. Citizens From Entering Their Country…A Result Of Trump’s Immigration Freeze.

Iran proclaimed on Saturday that they were enacting a new ban against United States citizens from traveling to their country as a sort of ‘revenge’ move against President Donald Trump (which I’m sure he’s broken up about…) for signing an executive order on Friday barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from traveling to the states…Iran just so happens to be one of them.


A spokesman for Tehran’s foreign ministry had this to share with the world:

“While respecting the American people and distinguishing between them and the hostile policies of the U.S. government, Iran will implement the principle of reciprocity until the offensive U.S. limitations against Iranian nationals are lifted. The restrictions against travel by Muslims to America… are an open affront against the Muslim world and the Iranian nation in particular and will be known as a great gift to extremists”

So, ask me why we should care about this? Oh, that’s right. WE DON’T. Iran has been responsible for killing American soldiers. Taking our Navy men and woman hostage, and participating in a sucker deal in which they received billions from us, more power and influence from us and we got absolutely screwed. So again, why do we care?

Trump’s executive order temporarily cripples the refugee resettlement program implemented during the last administration for 120 days and bans people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia from entering the U.S.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry also called out the President’s move as “illegal, illogical and contrary to international rules.”

The effects of the executive order are already being felt across the nation, with reports of the citizens of these countries being held in airports.

It’s going to be hard for Islamic terror to start sneaking into the U.S. again. The polices of the last 8 years are either destroyed or on their way. They have done nothing but make us vulnerable and weak.

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