Obama Admits He’s Been Lying About Iran Deal Blocking Iran’s Nuclear Aspirations

Remember when Obama said this (while putting those who are in opposition to the Iran deal in league with the hardcore Iranians)?

After two years of negotiations, we have achieved a detailed arrangement that permanently prohibits Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. It cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb. It contains the most comprehensive inspection and verification regime ever negotiated to monitor a nuclear program.

And we see this

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And this, which the White House has been tweeting for weeks

Then there’s this

(The Hill) President Obama defended his landmark nuclear deal with Iran, but conceded the time it takes Tehran to acquire the material to build a bomb would shrink to “a matter of months” as the agreement expires.

Obama sought to push back against critics who argue the deal should be abandoned because it does not permanently cut off Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon. Critics say some of the strictest limits on Iran’s nuclear program go away after 15 years.

Asked by NPR’s Steve Inskeep what Iran’s “breakout time” will be 15 years from now, Obama said “it shrinks back down to roughly where it is now … which is a matter of months.” But Obama said that was no reason to reject the 15 years of limits on Iran’s program under the deal.

So, this temporary deal will make sure the hardcore Iranian regime will receive lots and lots of cash, which can be spent on their support of terrorism. There will be no credible way that any removed sanctions can be put back in place. Iran has cheated on a good chunk of sanctions already placed on the country and specific people.

And it most assuredly doesn’t permanently prohibit Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

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