ALERT! ISIS New Kill List – REVEALS They Are Targeting ONE Particular Group Of Americans!

ALERT! ISIS New Kill List – REVEALS They Are Targeting ONE Particular Group Of Americans!

ISIS has put out a new hit list that is targeting New Jersey transit police officers. Gee, wonder why they’d do that? This is not new for ISIS… they have previously targeted our military and put out lists naming them to be killed. The list was released along with encouragement for the Islamic State group’s followers to carry out lone-wolf attacks on these officers and it came from the Caliphate Cyber Army. “The lone wolves r hungry for yr blood,” read the tweet. The account that posted the information has since been taken down, but not before it was shared several hundred times. With all the Islamic refugees that Obama is bringing in, terrorists are surely among them. These officers are upping their situational awareness and I am sure they are watching each other’s backs.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The Islamic State terror group has made it known that it plans to bring its fight to American soil in the near future. Thousands of fighters from the terror group have been trained and may already be among us, simply waiting to carry out an attack.

Newsweek reported that an Islamic State hacking group called the Caliphate Cyber Army recently posted the personal information of dozens of New Jersey transit police officers after breaking into the New Jersey Transit Police website.

Islamic State hackers have done similar things in the past, including released the addresses and other personal information of American soldiers who are fighting them overseas.

“The NJ Transit Information System was not compromised, however some information was breached from an outside vendor. The New Jersey Transit police are working with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI on this matter,” read a statement released by the New Jersey Transit. This particular group is not very sophisticated and goes for standard hacking of databases, taking easy to glean info that is readily available. “We believe they gained access to vulnerable sites using elementary hacking methods and stumbled upon databases or spreadsheets with information they felt would appear threatening if released,” said Raijin Rising of the counterterrorism network Ghost Security Group. The information was referenced in a series of Twitter posts on Sunday that also mentioned previous hacks on the U.S. Department of Defense. Ghost Security Group had this parting shot: “Their activities shine a light on just how vulnerable websites are out there,” the member said. “It’s amazing how bad it is. I would estimate between 50 percent and 75 percent of websites are weak and vulnerable to simple attacks like these.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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