Bizarre: Glenn Beck Says He’s Willing to Go to Jail to Bring Syrians Into the US Illegally

Bizarre: Glenn Beck Says He’s Willing to Go to Jail to Bring Syrians Into the US Illegally

Apparently, Glenn Beck fancies himself a modern-day Oskar Shindler. He bravely announced to thousands of people (just like Shindler did, right?) that he would risk going to jail to bring Syrian refugees to the United States.

Fox News host Glenn Beck speaks during the National Rifle Association's 139th annual meeting in Charlotte

In a long and often emotional interview with Ginni Thomas before his speech on Thursday at the Rally against the Iran Deal in Washington, D.C., Glenn Beck explained his mission to relocate Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS into the United States, even if that requires facilitating their illegal entry and his imprisonment.

“I asked if my audience could raise $10 million before Christmas to bring the Christians in from Syria,” Beck explained. “We will vet them ourselves. We have former CIA people that are going over and they’re vetting everybody right now. We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved. Okay? Well, what are you going to do with them? What are you going to do with them? How are you going to get them in here? State Department won’t let them in. Really? Because I know some bridges over a river in Texas that doesn’t seem to matter. It doesn’t seem to matter. And if they want to say, ‘Now you can’t bring those people in, now you can’t, that’s somehow illegal, we’ll put you in jail’ – I will so gladly grace a jail for the justice cause of saving people’s lives. I don’t need your permission at all to do the right thing! That’s who we need to be now! Forget about Washington! You don’t need permission to do the right thing.”

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Beck, who has vocalized his support for the plight of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, even going so far as to organize the distribution of teddy bears, soccer balls, and hot meals to illegal immigrants detained at the border last summer, got emotional discussing the Middle East migrant crisis engulfing Europe.

“‘I hold my lamp beside her golden door,’” Beck cried, reciting a line from the Emma Lazarus poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty. “When we don’t welcome in the tempest tossed. When we can watch them and see a boy laying face down in the sand and we don’t accept them into our country, we don’t have a light that we’re holding by that door anymore. This is a sacred land, and God’s plan will be enacted. God’s will will be done, and he’ll do it with or without us. We must choose to be on his side.”

Let’s be real here, this is more about making Glenn Beck look like the compassionate advocate of downtrodden refugees than it is anything else. Oskar Shindler, and heroes like him who actually did put their lives on the line to help the persecuted, didn’t find it necessary to run around shouting about what they were doing — probably because their lives actually were on the line, as opposed to Beck’s posturing about how much he is willing to “risk”… you know, here in the United States where the president loves keeping borders open to allow illegal immigrants to flow in unabated.

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