BOOM! US Special Forces Just Sent ISIS Fighter Attack Team To Meet Their ALLAH! [VIDEO]

by Just An American | April 12, 2017 4:07 am



ISIS just learned a hard lesson in bad strategy. This particular ISIS attack force team learned the hard way that the tactic of going full charge into a battle is NOT what you want to do against a US special forces team. There will certainly be no lessons learned meeting for ISIS either after this…simply because there is NO ONE left to attend!

Our U.S. special forces team seriously obliterated an ENTIRE Islamic State attack team that was attempting to assault a base in southern Syria just this last Saturday.

“The enemy got crushed,” a U.S. military official told NBC News.[2]

This ISIS attack team launched their fighters into an assault on the al-Tanf military base, according to two officials who spoke directly with NBC News.

There were approximately 20-30 ISIS fighters on the team and some had suicide vests strapped to them as well. They were following behind a vehicle that was also itself carrying an improvised explosive device.

The base they were after had American forces stationed there and the base itself is where these American forces train Syrian rebels. Other American troops that were nearby on patrol responded after hearing about the attack to provide a response team to assist. The U.S. and coalition forces killed the ISIS fighters through direct fire and airstrikes that left literally NO survivors when the dust settled.

You should also know that NO Americans were killed during this attack.

God bless our nation’s heroes. They did well that day and because of their quick response and accurate timing, they have just sent an entire team of ISIS fighters back to meet their maker.

Boy…that’s a good handful of ISIS fighters that are going to be in for one MAJOR shock when they learn that there are no virgins waiting for them.

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