Car Bomb kills 125+, injures 170+ more in sick terrorist plot [VIDEO]

Car Bomb kills 125+, injures 170+ more in sick terrorist plot [VIDEO]

Just horrific. Baghdad was hit with two suicide bombings just after midnight while Shiite Muslims were celebrating Ramadan. Families and young people were out on the streets after breaking their daylight fast for the holy month of Ramadan when ISIS struck viciously. Most of the victims were inside a multi-story shopping and amusement mall, where dozens burned to death or suffocated. It didn’t take ISIS long to claim responsibility on a militant site of theirs and on social media. Recently, Iraqis took back Fallujah. They drove ISIS out, who left the place in ruins. This bombing was meant as a message to show that ISIS is far from done with Iraq.


From RT:

Two blasts have ripped through busy market areas in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, killing 91 people and injuring 170. The Islamic State militant group has claimed responsibility for one of the attacks.

Iraqi officials quoted by AP put the death toll from the first attack, in Karrada district, at 86 and said that more than 170 people had been injured.

Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan confirmed that the first blast had come from a car bomb.

Eyewitnesses said on Twitter that many shops burned down as a result of the explosions and there are fears that the number of casualties could grow. Karrada, an upper middle class district in the Iraqi capital, is mostly inhabited by Shia, but it also has quite a large Christian minority. ISIS claims they were targeting Shiite Muslims in the attacks. At the scene, firefighters and civilians were seen carrying the dead away, their bodies wrapped in blankets and sheets. Smoke billowed from the shopping center, which was surrounded by the twisted and burned wreckage of cars and market stalls. A group of women were sitting on the pavement, crying for their loved ones. In a second attack, an improvised explosive device went off in Baghdad’s northern Shaab area, killing 5 people and wounding 16. The people there are furious with their leaders and the lack of security against such attacks. This is the second major attack this year in Baghdad and ISIS is just getting warmed up.





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