Emirates Clan Disowns Daughter After Fighter Pilot Mariyam al Dassouri Bombs ISIS

by Sierra Marlee | September 26, 2014 9:34 pm

It’s common knowledge that if a Jihadist is killed by a woman, he will not get into Heaven, or receive his virgins. So when UAE female fighter pilot Mariyam al Dassouri began her Monday night bombing runs on Syrian ISIS targets, she surely rained on the parades of many wanna-be Jihadists.


However, not everyone was thrilled with her heroism. Al Dassouri’s family disowned her for her brave actions, siding with ISIS. Here is an excerpt from the family statement:

The Mansouri family at home and abroad to take this opportunity to announce their support for the Syrian revolution blessed, and every Liberal defenders of their rights everywhere.

Our family is honored by all free defender of his cause, and all of its weapons in order to carry the elevation of the nation, and we are honored heroes of the Sunnis in Iraq and the Levant, and all who have taken up the banner of the right, wherever they are, and do not tell them not to harm them, God knows them and knows their victory.

We call on the sons of the nation not to load the burden of the family business called “Mariam Al Mansouri.” But honest family agreed on this patent.

Mansouri family

This woman should continue what she’s doing and helping the rest of the world rid itself of the plague named ISIS. She should know that there are those around the world who applaud her for her bravery, and who will stand behind her no matter what.

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