George Clooney’s Muslim wife shocks everyone with seven words [VIDEO]

George Clooney’s Muslim wife shocks everyone with seven words [VIDEO]

Many celebrities and their significant other run along the path of the wacky liberal. They should be neutral, but too many of them get crazy when it comes to politics and often throw their opinions in where it’s not wanted or needed, often ruining the movie watching or music listening experience.

But that’s not what Amal Clooney is like! George Clooney’s Muslim wife, who is a human rights lawyer and activist, broke the chains of Hollywood when she shocked everyone as she spoke seven strong words to the UN.

At the end of a short, yet brilliant speech, she told the UN this: “Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide.” If that’s not an epic MIC DROP moment, then I don’t know what is!

Where few have the guts to speak out against Islamic terrorism, and instead choose to rise up against our president — this Hollywood wife took a stand.

“Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,” said Amal Clooney to the U.N. on March 9. The formerly-silent Muslim wife of George Clooney made a passionate speech, echoing the sentiments of President Trump and We the People!

Amal Clooney is a human rights lawyer, and the lives of those effected by ISIS are a primary concern of hers, and those she works with. She boldly took a stand last Thursday to address the U.N. on their dangerous indifference toward the terrorist group.

Often thought of as George Clooney’s beautiful “trophy wife,” Amal Clooney surprised us all by proving she, unlike her husband, actually has a working brain– and she’s using her brain for the benefit of the American people!

It’s very refreshing to see someone connected to a major Hollywood star speak OUT against the evils of the world and not speak for them. So many liberal actors seem like they’re against people being “for America” and they often sound like imbeciles. Just look at any awards show lately – it’s nothing but anti-America Trump bashing.

Amal Clooney just lined herself up with right wing politics and the need to destroy a terror team that’s causing casualties. Amal had a great line – leaving behind a line of evidence that no one’s collecting. Amazing imagery and it paints a very true picture of what’s really happening.

If Amal and George break up because of this, then I know several bachelors already interested. They’re not millionaire actors like George, but they’re also not liberals.

Tough choice, right?

What do you think George Clooney thinks about Amal’s words to the UN?

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