Immigration Agent Union: Obama Admin ‘Widened Loopholes’ For ISIS To Enter U.S.

by Sierra Marlee | September 19, 2014 7:54 pm

At a time when our national security is being threatened like never before, the Obama administration has done little to nothing to secure our porous southern border. There has been no crackdown on those who stream into our country illegally, or over-stay their visas, opening the United States up to potential terrorist attacks.[1]


USCIS cites two main issues: a dearth of resources for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for enforcement and tracking and the administration’s decision to increase the number of immigrants allowed in for asylum purposes.

‘Our caseworkers cannot even do in-person interviews for people seeking citizenship, they cannot enforce restrictions on welfare use, and they even lack even the basic office space to properly function,’ union president Kenneth Palinkas said in the statement. ‘Applications for entry are rubber-stamped, the result of grading agents by speed rather than discretion. We’ve become the visa clearinghouse for the world.’

President Obama’s potential executive action to grant legal status to certain illegal immigrants, including those who have overstayed their visas, is another opportunity for people ‘who are being targeted for radicalization or who already subscribe to radicalized views’ to stay in the country, the union said.”

It’s almost as if Obama isn’t bothered by the fact that ISIS could be infiltrating the United States. When golfing and global warming is more important to your President than a very real and very close terrorist threat, maybe it’s time for a new President.

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