ISIS beheading victim David Haines’ daughter calls for eradication of terror group

by Sierra Marlee | September 26, 2014 9:00 pm

We often only focus on how tragic events make us feel, as individuals, but it’s the family who is hit the hardest. David Haines, who was beheaded by ISIS, leaves behind a beautiful family, including daughter Bethany Haines, who wishes to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an aide worker.


You can watch the video here[2].

Speaking ahead of today’s Commons vote on British military action, she said: “IS[3] need to be eradicated. They can’t continue this way.

“They can’t be doing this to people and get away with it, no matter what nationality, if they are western or not.

“Hundreds of Syrians have been killed by them. They need to be stopped. If air strikes and ground force is what it takes, that’s what it takes.”

Bethany said her father’s body has not been returned to the family and added: “I don’t know if they are trying to prolong the pain or they don’t feel the need to but, as a daughter of someone who has been killed, you want closure.

“As a family you want closure. They have tried to hurt us by taking away someone we loved but they have failed because everyone who knows David will have a part of him with us forever.”

Talking of her own plans to become an aid worker, she said: “Definitely.

“I’m hoping to do some aid work after nest year and do a bit of work with a charity. Hopefully it will spark a career doing that.”

ISIS needs to be wiped off the face of the planet, along with everyone who agrees with their fight. Let’s send the murderous animals to Hell, where they clearly belong.

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